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There are so many ways to use our platform. Whether you'd like to increase your online presence, attract new clients, or start an engagement with an existing client, you can choose your path and focus on the areas that you're interested in learning about first! You can always come back here after you've completed one journey, and see what you're interested in next.

Getting Started for Independent Coaches

Get started as an Independent Coach with these key steps:

Coaching Businesses

Manage and Scale Coaching with Coaching.com

Below are some helpful articles to orient around Coaching.com, explaining the account types, and an overview of the features.

Invite Your First Client to Coaching.com

Coaching.com provides a great experience for coaches and coachees. Below are some articles to help you understand different ways to invite your clients to the platform.

Invite Your Internal and External Coaches to Join Coaching.com

The following articles explain how to invite internal and external coaches to become a part of your account.

Invite Your Employees to Join Coaching.com

Manage the employees within your account. This can include both coaches and coachees.

Brand and Style Your Coaching.com Platform

Learn about the customizations that can be made to enhance the experience by showcasing your brand.

List your Marketplace Profile on Coaching.com and Be Found

Marketplace is where you can attract new clients by listing your profile as well as coaching packages.

Connect Your Calendar - Get Sessions Scheduled with Ease

Connecting external calendars is key to maintaining a single source for all of your calendar activity.

Design Scalable Engagement Templates

Engagement Templates pave the way for a customized experience between the coach and the coachee.

Create & Manage Coaching Engagements With Ease

The engagement is where the coach and coachee relationship thrives. Many tools help to provide clear communications, aid in progressing conversations, and help to drive towards goals.

Stay Connected to Key Business and Client Metrics

Coaching.com offers very robust reporting, looking at many aspects of the coaching workflows and outcomes.

Invoice Clients and Get Paid

Leverage the Coachiing.com platform for invoicing and payment

Build Your Resource Library to Share with Clients, Deliver More Value Between Sessions

Take advantage of building a library of resources that can be shared with both coaches and clients.

Craft Your Coach Matching Engagements

Scale the matching process with automated coach matching workflows.

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