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Adding Resources

The resources page is where users can upload global and confidential resources.

Please Note: Coachees can upload/download resources in engagement settings only.

  • From your Resources page click on Add Resource.

  • You can add a Folder, File, Form, Link, Document, or Theme Library.


You can upload files to your resources straight from a computer or sync Files from Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, and OneDrive. Accepted file formats include images, doc files, PDFs, sheets, and slides.

  • Click on Upload File.

  • Select a source to upload a file from.

  • Select the file and click Upload.



Forms allow admins to collect aggregated data on the participants of their engagements. Only global admins can see confidential form results of a form.

If a form is non-confidential then location admins can view it.

  • Click on Create Form.

  • You have the option to add sections to the form.

  • Admins can add a Text Question, Numeric Question, Single Choice, Multiple Choice, and Dropdown Menus.

  • Admins can optionally set the privacy of the Form by clicking on the lock icon at the top of the Form.


Folders provide a way to organize the resources. Items can be added inside the folder.

  • Click on Add Resource and select Folder.

  • Give the folder a Name and click Create.

The folder is now ready to add resources to. The more options menu allows you to Share, Duplicate, or Remove the folder.

  • Click on the folder to open it and click Add Resource.

Any Resources you add will be specific to that folder.


You can share resources with admins and coaches from your resources page.

  • Once a Resource is uploaded click the more options menu “…”.

  • Select Share.

  • Choose a user to share the resource with and click Ok.

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