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Creating and Managing Forms
Creating and Managing Forms
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Forms are a type of survey that you can add to an engagement. When you send it to your form recipients they will be notified and can fill it out so that you can have a recorded aggregate history of form responses. Forms can be sent to anyone with an email address – not just users.

About Forms

Form question-types consist of:

  1. Text Questions

  2. Single Choice Questions

  3. Multiple Choice Questions

  4. Drop Down Questions

Pro Tip: Admins can set questions to Required, which will not allow users to complete the form without answering all the required questions.


Forms can be set to confidential or can be viewed by all users within an engagement. If a form is set to confidential only the global admin can view the form responses.

  • Global Admins can see Confidential Forms in My Resources, Shared with Me, or Admin Resources.

  • Global Admins can change the user roles of their Employees to give them Admin permissions to access Form results.

  • Location Admins can add Confidential Forms to Engagement Programs if a Global Admin places the form in Admin Resources from the Resources page.

  • Location Admins can view Public Forms if a Global Admin places the Form in Admin Resources from the Resources page.

Creating Forms

Creating a form allows you to customize by question type and requirement. You may add any of the question types mentioned above.

  • From your Resources page click Add Resource.

  • Click Create Form and add your questions.

  • Admins can optionally set the privacy of the Form by clicking on the Lock Icon at the top of the Form.

When you ready to use a Form in an Engagement, add Recipients to Forms from within your Company or add anyone by email.

Add Recipients to Forms

When you have added your form to the program be sure to add recipients to the form.

  • Open the form within the session and click the plus sign in the recipients panel.

  • A window will open and you can select the recipients.

Click Save.

Managing Form Responses

Form responses can be viewed within the form inside the engagement or from the resources page.

  • Click on the eyeball icon on the Form within the Engagement.

From the Resources page open up the Form and click on Responses.

Downloading Forms

You may download forms from multiple different places, including engagements, resources, and reports.
To download a form from Engagements:

  • Click on the desired Engagement.

  • Choose a form to download.

  • Click the eye icon to view the Form submission.

  • Choose Download Form Responses as a CSV file

To download Form responses from Resources:

  • Click on Resources tab on the left hand toolbar.

  • Choose a Form to download.

  • Click Responses.

  • Click on the download icon at the top right of the Form.

Send a Form Outside of

  • From your Resources page, select the form that you would like to send externally

  • Click on the Globe icon next to the Send button to manage whether you’d like the link to be public or private

  • Click on the Send icon to send out a custom email for the link to include the recipient(s) email address, subject line, and a message

  • Once you are done, you may click on the Send icon to send the form out to the recipients

  • Alternatively: You may click on the ‘Link’ tab next to the ‘Send’ tab, which will present to you a direct link to the form itself

Managing Form Responses

When a form has been filled out by the recipient, the administrator or the sender of the form will receive both an email notification and an in-app notification alerting them that there are new responses to preview.

  • Navigate to the form either by going to your Global Resources page, or selecting the new alert from your Notifications

  • Click on the Responses tab

  • Within the Responses tab, you may navigate to the Summary tab to view a summary of responses listed below each question

  • The Individual tab will allow you to scroll through each individual form and view responses filled by each individual recipient

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