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Getting Started for Company Admins
Getting Started for Company Admins
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Personal Settings

  • You can manage My Settings via the menu in the upper right corner to update Profile information, Timezone defaults, and Notifications.

  • For Coaches, this is also where they can view/edit their Coach Profiles.

Helpful tip: If coaches do not see the profile link, we’ll cover how to make them a coach coming up.

Company Branding Settings offers the option to brand your account portal.

  • From your Company Settings page click on Branding.

  • There are 4 categories you can edit: Email Notifications, Square Logo, Full Logo, and Brand Colors.

To learn more about customization options and how to brand your account, check out the article below.

Manage Global Resources

The resources page is where users can upload global and confidential resources. Global admins will also be able to create custom forms to include within a program template, create theme libraries, and also upload files and share with their coaches.

To learn more about managing global resources, check out the article below for more details.

Engagement Templates

Admins can create a new program template or duplicate a current one.

  • From your Account Settings click on Program Templates.

  • Click Create New.

  • Enter a Name and optionally select a Program to copy, then click Save.

To learn more about creating custom program templates, check out the article below.

Add Coaches

  • From your Coaches page Click Add Coach.

  • Select Internal Coach and fill in the user’s email.

  • If the user is in the system they will appear or it will ask you to enter their name and send an invitation.

If you add from the Employees page > Company Settings you can set an employee as a coach from the employee list.

  • You can make this Employee a Coach by clicking on the new Employee’s name in the list to open their Profile or click the three dots to change their role.

  • Under account roles select that the Employee does provide coaching in the checkbox.

The below articles will explain how to add contracted coaches (vendors) and employees.

Add Clients

You may add personal clients or client companies.

  • If coaching several people at one Company, add the Company first, then add Coachees.

  • After adding Coachees to client Companies, they will become available for Coach Matching.

  • If you are coaching just one individual person, choose Individual Client.

To learn more about how to add clients and coachees, check out the article below.

Create Engagements

Engagements are where your coaches and coachees can set up meetings and complete program items that you can assign to them.

  • Go to the Engagements page and click the Create button.

  • Search and select the Coachee and the Coach and click save.

  • Click Start Engagement. The Engagement is Active and ready to use.

Helpful Tip: The engagement is in a draft state until the admin clicks Start Engagement.

Add Details to Sessions

On each session within a program, there are two slightly different ways to set the date, time, and duration of a session.

The schedule button will schedule the session, which will create and send an invitation to anyone who has been added to the session as an Attendee.

To update the duration of a session before scheduling requires admin permissions, or engagement editor permissions (it’s a structural change to the program.)

The coach (with no special permissions) is able to freely update the date, time, and duration of the session (it’s making sure the record is accurate.)

Privacy and Security

Privacy: What can everyone see?

  • If you invite coachees, they can only see program items assigned to them; they cannot see program items assigned to Coaches, Admins, or anyone else.

  • Only global admins can view confidential form data.

  • All Coaching.comfeatures under the Goals, Notes and Resources tabs are optional; none are required.

  • Goals under the Goals tab are visible to all Engagement Participants, Admins, and Editors.

  • Notes are confidential by default, however users can optionally share notes with others.

  • Resources added under the Engagement Resources tab are visible to all Participants, Admins, and Editors.

  • Files added under Engagement Settings are only visible to Admins, Coaches, and Editors.

Security: How safe is enforces best practice technical safeguards to protect the integrity and security of your data. has been certified to exceed industry standards based on third party penetration tests and is used by global fortune 500 companies – all of which have reviewed and approved the platform from an IT security standpoint.

For more information read our article about our Security Policies.

Support Options

In the event that you get stuck, you can find user guides and free webinars in our Support Portal.

You may also use in-app chat support to speak with a specialist about features in your account.

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