Which Notifications can ACTIVE Coachees Receive?
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Account User Management

Your Coachee must activate their account before they can receive notifications generated by their engagements.

  1. Invitations

  2. Send Interview Requests

  3. Scheduling Interviews

  4. Selecting Coaches

  5. Shared Resources

  6. Session Scheduled/Rescheduled

  7. Filling out Forms

  8. Reviewing Files and Tasks

  9. Goal Milestone Reminders

  10. Feedback Requests

  11. Invoices

Session attendees and program Item recipients must be added in advance and program Items must be sent manually or scheduled in advance. All program Item notifications can be customized and previewed via the bell icon in the upper right corner.


You can track coachees as internal records or optionally send them an invitation to create an account and log into their client portal.

After the invitation is sent, your client will receive an email with a link to create a password.

If coachees log in, they can only see their engagement (program, goals, notes, and resources tabs).

Coach Matching

Send a Request to Interview a Coach

When the admin clicks Start Matching the coachee will receive an email.

When a coachee is put into the Coach Matching Process by an admin, they are then prompted to select a Coach to Interview from a list of coaches provided by their admin.

Schedule Interview

If a coach has shared their availability when the coachee clicks Request Interview they should then see the option to Schedule the Interview.

Depending on the company settings, admins may need to approve the request.

Select a Coach

Once a coachee has finished the Interview process they will then be prompted to select their coach for the engagement.

Depending on the company settings, admins may need to approve the request.


New Coaching Resources Shared

Files uploaded under engagement resources are automatically shared with anyone who has access to the engagement.

Coachees will only receive notifications when new resources are shared if they are active users vs inactive, internal records.

Session Scheduled

Attendees must be added before scheduling. You can optionally attach files to session scheduled confirmation emails. Click the drop down menu on the top right of the program item to customize and preview the email before sending it. Click the calendar icon to schedule the Session and send the notification.

Session Rescheduled

To reschedule a session simply open the session in the program and click on Reschedule.

Request to Fill Out Form

Forms can be sent manually, or they can be scheduled to send automatically after the prior program item is completed.

Any user can be added as a form recipient within the engagement. If an admin wants to send a form to a user outside the app they can be added by email.

Request to Review File

Files shared from the program can only be sent to active users, they need to log into the Coaching.com app to view the file and mark it complete.

Once the file has been sent the coachee will receive an email notification.

Request to Complete Task

Tasks sent from the program like this can only be sent to active users because they need to log into Coaching.com to mark the task complete.

Once the task has been sent the coachee will receive an email notification.

Feedback Requested on Goal Progress

Goal feedback can be requested from anyone with just their email address.

Stakeholders will receive an email notification with a link to provide a rating and feedback.

Stakeholders will only see the Goal name and description.


Invoices will be attached as PDF’s to invoice email notifications sent from Coaching.com. You can download or mark as paid with the more options menu in the upper right corner.

If credit card payment is requested via Stripe, a payment link will be included in the email notification.

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