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Manage Your Engagement Settings and Permissions
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About Engagement Settings

Admins, global admins, location admins, and engagement managers can see the engagement settings panel.

  • From your Engagements page select an Engagement or create a new one.

  • Click on the Settings Gear in the top right corner.

The engagement settings panel is where you can customize settings for individual engagements.

  • You can edit the Engagement Settings by clicking the pencil icon.

The engagement settings panel is separated into groups:

  • General

  • Hours Information

  • Sessions Information

  • Engagement Stakeholders

  • Invoices

  • Contracts

  • Engagement Participants

  • Resources

  • Delete

What’s in Engagement Settings?

General Settings

Inside the general group you will find:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Welcome Message/e-mail

  • Engagement Status

  • Engagement Dates

  • Program Template

  • Default Meeting Location

  • Theme Library

  • Engagement statuses can be set to Active, Inactive, or Completed.

  • Under the Engagement Dates, you can set a Start and End Date.

  • Admins can set a Program Template.

  • Set a Default Meeting Location to your Engagement.

    This will set the location for each session in the specific engagement. The default meeting location can be set to Place, Video, Phone, or In-App Video.

  • Your Engagement comes with a default Theme Library. This must be selected before starting the Engagement.

  • Add a custom Theme Library in the Resources page > Add Resource > Create Theme Library

Summary Information

This group contains hours and session information. Each shows the completed hours/sessions and hours/sessions remaining in the engagement.


The participants of the engagement include the Coach, Coachee, and the Admin.

Engagement Files

Engagement files can be added to the engagement settings panel. You can find the upload button if you scroll down to the bottom right of the page.

Admins can upload files to resources straight from the computer or sync files from Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, and OneDrive. Accepted file formats include images, doc files, PDFs, sheets, and slides.

Engagement Stakeholders

Engagement editors and viewers can be added within this section. The types of roles that appear in this list can include Admins, Coaches, Location Managers, and Location Admins.

Client Contracts

Contracts can be shared by Companies and applied to an engagement from the engagement creation process or in the engagement settings panel of the engagement.


Invoices can be shared and created with clients through engagement settings.

Delete Engagement

Only global admins and location admins can delete an engagement.

Program Items

The following program items can be added into an engagement:

  • Session

  • Form

  • File

  • Task

  • Link

Please Note: Program items will re-order based on their state. The items that have been sent or completed will move up on the program list.

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