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Coaching Themes Report
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The Coaching Themes report will offer information on all themes that have been tagged to goals by the coach and within their engagements. Confidential goals that have been tagged with a theme will also populate in this report. This report type offers visual analytics for Top Themes and Theme Ratings.

To generate a Coaching Themes report, make sure you create a theme library first and attach it to a program template or engagement.

Filter options include:

  • Date

  • Gender

  • Coachee location (Enterprise only)

  • Department (Enterprise only)

  • Business unit (Enterprise only)

  • Coach location (Enterprise only)

  • Program

  • Leader level

  • Coach name

  • Coachee name

  • Engagement status

A detailed report is also available with additional customizable columns. The raw data can be exported in both CSV and Excel format.

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