Add Goals and Get Feedback from Anyone
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Adding Goals

Goals are a great way to track your users progress as they accomplish milestones. You may also add stakeholders to goals to request their feedback on the progress.

  • From your Engagements page select an Engagement or create a new one.

  • Click on the Goals tab.

  • Click Add Goal.

  • Give your Goal a name and a Description.

Goal Confidentiality

Coaches and coachees may choose to set the goals they create to be confidential or also visible to admins.

  • Click on Visibility at the Goal which can be seen on the Goal tab by 'Date Created'

  • Select Confidential to make the Goal private.

Adding Themes to Your Goals

You may also tag your goal with themes related to the topic. Themes must be added in your engagement settings before you can add them to goals.

The progress tab is where users can add milestones and add optional due dates.

Start typing in the Milestone text box and hit ENTER to add a Milestone.

Request Stakeholder Feedback

The feedback tab is where users can invite stakeholders and provide feedback.

  • Add a stakeholder by clicking the Pencil icon next to the stakeholders.

  • Click Request Feedback.

  • You can also enter other email addresses that aren’t active on the platform. This will not give them access to view/edit the engagement, but allow them to give feedback on goals they are assigned to.

To view goal reports click on the reports tab in the main navigation and select goal reports from the dropdown menu.

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