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View Reports that are Generated by Your Engagements
View Reports that are Generated by Your Engagements
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View Reports that are Generated by Your Engagements offers an informative reporting system so you can best use the information generated by coaches, coachees, and data generated within engagements. View visual analytics and raw data that is generated from your coaches and engagements.

What Reports Can You See?

There are currently 9 reports available with customizable columns and visual analytics with filtering features. We have new reports and some advanced in-app features coming soon.

You have the option to view, customize, and download account reporting from your reports page in your account. Each Report has their own set of graphics as well as their own set of filters.

You can also export raw data and adjust the columns to include which data to include.

  • You may select the Report type from the dropdown menu and set a date range of your Engagements.

  • You can customize the columns for each Report by clicking the Columns button and selecting the columns you wish to show in your report.

  • Click the Export button to download the report.

You also have the option to download each report as a CSV or XLSX.

Admins can view reports from the reports tab in the main navigation. These report results can be a combination of the following: engagements, coaches, coachees, goals, and forms in the company account.

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