Create Contracts to Bill Your Clients
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Creating Contract Templates

Create a contract template under company settings.

  • Go to Company Settings and click Invoicing & Payments.

  • Scroll down to the Contract Template panel.

  • Click Add Billing Approach Template and follow the steps to create a new Billing Template.

You can now define rates (per session, hour, fixed amount, or retainer), set up a payment schedule, and indicate whether to send invoices automatically and/or collect payments via Stripe.

Assigning Contracts to Clients

You may assign a contract to a client, coach, or vendor so that you do not have to create individual invoices for each session’s billable activity.

  • Go to the Client, Coach, or Vendor’s summary page.

  • In the Billing Approach panel click Add Billing Approach.

Admins can choose from templates and then customize the template for the client, or create new contracts from scratch.

  • If the Coach, Vendor, or Client is active they can accept or reject the contract in their account.

  • If the Coach, Vendor, or is inactive, it’s automatically considered approved.

  • The Contract will then become available to assign to Engagements with that Coach, Vendor, or Client (this can be assigned during the create Engagement process or under the Engagement Settings tab).

Assign to an Engagement

When you create a contract you can assign the contract to an engagement. Based on the billing approach settings when sessions are completed they generate items that can be billed in an invoice.

  • Admins must first assign the contract to a Client or Vendor (step 2, above) before assigning it to an Engagement.

  • If assigned to an inactive Client or Vendor, Admins can start assigning it to Engagements immediately and the invoice automation will begin.

  • If assigned to an active Client or Vendor, they will need to approve (or reject) the contract from their account.

  • After a contract is assigned to an Engagement, Billable Activity and Invoices will be generated (and possibly sent) automatically depending on the contract settings.

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