Account Types and Roles
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Admin Roles

Global Admin: Has permission to manage all engagements, coaches, clients, employees, billing, and company settings.

Location Admin: Has permission to manage location-specific engagements, coaches, clients, employees, billing, and company settings. Location admin can also access location-specific data and reports.

Note: Admins can also have the role of a coach or even a coachee while still being an admin, however they will still have their admin views intact.

Coach Roles

  • Internal Coach: A coach/employee of your company.

  • Independent Coach: An independent contractor. Also, an independent coach is also a global admin of their account.

  • Vendor Coach: Contracted through a coaching vendor. A vendor coach can be internal or external/contracted by the vendor.

  • External Coach: A vendor coach or independent coach, contracted by your company.

Coachee Roles

  • Employee/Sponsored Coachee: A coachee sponsored by their company may participate in coaching engagements. Anyone can be assigned as a coachee, including admins and coaches.

  • Independent / Directly Contracted Coachee: An individual that independently contracts their coach / pays directly; not sponsored by their company.

Engagement Stakeholder Roles

  • Engagement Viewer: Similar to a coachee with view-only permissions. A viewer can be your manager, stakeholder or your boss. This person can be added under engagement settings (if they are already an internal connection/company member). Viewers only have permission to view the specific engagements they are attached to.

  • Engagement Editor: Has permission to edit specific engagements.

Set an Employee’s User Role

  • From your Company Settings page click on Employees.

  • Find the employee you would like to edit roles for.

  • Click on the three dots.

  • Click on Update Employee Roles.

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