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You may choose to use as an internal management system. This means that you may add your employees and clients as internal records and track their data for your-eyes-only! Once your account is activated you may start using the app as an internal management system.

Add Internal Record Employees

From your activated account you may add employees to your company account. This can be done from your company settings page.

  • From the Company Settings page click Employees.

  • Click Add Employee and fill out the Employee’s information.

  • Do not click “Send Invite.”

  • Click Add.

This will not notify the employee that you have added them to the system, instead, they are added to the account as an internal record.

If your employee is a coach you may also add them from the Coach page in your account.

Add Internal Record Clients

From your activated account you may add internal record clients. This can be done from the company’s page

  • Click on the Client tab

  • Click Add client and select either individual client or client company

  • Fill out the requested information

  • For client a company, skip the point of contact email and do not send an invitation

Add Coachees to Internal Record Companies

In addition to adding an internal record company, you may also add internal record employees to the company as well.

  • Navigate to the Company’s page.

  • Select the Coachees tab.

  • Click Add Coachee.

  • Fill out the Coachee’s information and click add.

Create an Engagement with an Internal Record Company Coachee

Once you have added clients to the internal record company you may begin creating engagements with them.

  • From the Internal Record Company page, click the Engagements tab.

  • From the Engagements tab click Create Engagement.

  • Select the Coachee you added as an internal record and a Coach.

  • Select an optional Engagement Template or click Create.

  • When you are ready to start, click Start Engagement.

Helpful Tip: You may also add a new internal record coachee, from the add coachee screen, when you are creating a new engagement. When you reach the invite screen enter the coachee’s name and do not click send invite.

Sharing of Data

If you decide that you would like to activate an internal record client company, you will need to add a point of contact via that companies page in your client directory. Once invited they will be able to accept your invite via their vendors tab. When they have accepted you will now be sharing engagement data with them for the coaching engagements between your organization and theirs.


You can easily view and manage your reports via the reports tab. You will be able to run a number of reports and filter data as need for both your active and internal record clients. These reports can also be exported or sent to stakeholders via the platform.

Support Options

In the event that you get stuck, you can find User Guides and free Webinars in our Support Portal.

You may also use in-app chat support to speak with a specialist about features in your account.

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