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Adding Client Companies and Client Coachees
Adding Client Companies and Client Coachees
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Adding Client Companies

You may add client companies (or individuals coaches and client coachees seeking personal coaching) by navigating to your Clients tab on the left side navigation bar.

  • From the Clients page click Create New on the top right.

  • Select Client Company.

You can search for the company name and select the company you want, or if the desired company does not appear you may enter the company name manually and select Next.

You can enter a point of contact email (which will send out an invitation) or skip this option and invite them later. We suggest skipping and adding a POC later.

Until invited, your client will be stored as an internal record and you will have full control over updating their contact information and profile photo.

Add Client Coachees

Select the coachees tab from your Client Company page and select +Add Coachee. From here, you may add an internal employee/coachee for this client company. They will be inactive by default.

Activate a Client Company

To active this client company, you must enter a point of contact for the client company. Select the summary tab, then under the Admin Tab, select +Add POC. You will be prompted to enter their name and email address, and also will be prompted to send an invitation.

Once you select add, the POC will be sent an invitation with a link to sign into their account. This company will now become active, and the invited user will now be the administrator of this client company.

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