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Custom fields are a way to add data to the platform and then report on that data, or even utilize in workflows.

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Imagine being able to assign your own data, any data, to things like clients, engagements, or even coaches. Custom fields are user-defined data fields that allow administrators, or coaches, to capture specific information in Clients, engagements and more can be tagged with custom fields. See below for the dialog that would assign custom fields to a engagement.

Custom field data will be available throughout the platform including the Engagements page, the Employees Page, or Clients Coachees page. Also, custom fields data will be available in reporting to build new insights. Custom fields are incredibly powerful, and will open up new opportunities in how you and your coaches use the platform today.

Centralized Custom Field Manager

Custom fields can be managed from a central location within the Global Settings. A new card is presented for Premium and Enterprise accounts.

Global Settings

Clicking on the Custom Fields card open the Custom Fields Manager.

Custom Fields Manager

The Custom Fields Manager shows a list of all of the custom fields that you create within your account. When a custom field is created, it can be used across the platform for tagging different components, such as engagements, engagement templates, employees, or client coachees.

The Custom Fields Manager allows for new fields to be created, edited, and also deleted. The list view (shown above) provides all of the custom fields that have been created for your account. The custom fields are completely yours, and based off of your needs.

Adding or Editing a Custom Field

When you add or edit a custom field, the Custom Field Editor Dialog will open.

Custom Fields have 4 attributes:


Controls who can see or edit custom fields. There are 3 options:

  • Admin Access Only: Only Administrators (Global Administrators, Location Admins) will see this custom field. Independent coaches are global administrators for their own account.....but would not see custom fields from a client account unless visibility is set to one of the options below.

  • Visible Within Engagements to Coach & Engagement Editors: Custom Fields with this visibility will only be viewable from within an engagement if the engagement or coachee are tagged with a value.

  • Editable Within Engagements to Coach & Engagement Editors: From within an engagement, the coach or engagement editors would be able to modify the values of the custom field.

    • *Note*: for the 1.0 release of Custom Fields, coaches and engagement editors will only be able to edit custom fields that are applied to the engagement. They will not be able to edit custom fields that are tied to the coachee.


Sets the display name for the custom field.


There are initially 2 formats offered which include:

  • Multi-Select: Allows to create, and then use, a pre-defined list of potential values.

  • Open Text: Allows for an open entry for text when tagging something in the system.


For Multi-Select this can be a pre-defined list of options that can be used. For Open Text, the value will be filled in when tagging the engagement or coachee. This field is limited to 255 characters for both Multi-Select and Open Text.

Using Custom Fields

Once custom fields have been defined, they can be used to tag client coachees, employees, engagement templates, or can be used within engagements.

Client Coachees & Employees

Custom Fields can be applied client coachees and employees through a 3-Dot menu in the list view(s). Only account administrators would have access to the option shown below.

3-Dot Menu to Edit Custom Fields

Selecting 'Edit Custom Fields' opens the Custom Field Selector Dialog shown below.

Custom Field Selector Dialog

The selector dialog has some neat features. The dropdowns for the name and value fields are smart and will search for existing values. The multi-select will allow for selecting more than one option.

Engagements & Engagement Templates

Engagement templates can be used to pre-set custom fields. Every engagement created from the template will have the same custom fields applied.

Engagements are unique in that this is where custom fields all come together. Custom fields applied to the engagement (or template), and the coachee will be available from within the engagement.

The screenshot below shows that there are 2 places within the engagement where custom fields can be accessed. The coachee custom fields (which are derived from the employee or client coachee records) are available from within the header, next to the caochee's avatar. Meanwhile the engagement custom fields can be seen after clicking on the 'Settings' tab within the engagement.

Visibility of Custom Fields, and Coaches Ability To Edit

It is important to note that, with the 1.0 launch of custom fields, coaches will ONLY be able to edit custom fields that:

  • Have the visibility of "Editable Within Engagements to Coach & Engagement Editors"

  • Are applied to an engagement.

Specifically this means that coaches will not have the ability to edit Custom Fields that are applied to the coachee, even if the visibility is "Editable Within Engagements to Coach & Engagement Editors".

Engagements, Employees, and Client Coachees Pages

When custom fields are applied to an engagement, an employee, or to a client coachee, those custom fields are viewable within the table on the corresponding page. For example, in order to view the custom fields associated with engagements, the 'Columns' button can be selected to display the Customize Columns Dialog. From here, custom fields can be selected to be shown in the table.

Once selected in the Customize Columns Dialog, the columns will be displayed alongside other columns in the table:

The columns will be remembered as a preference for subsequent visits. The custom fields can also be exported using the 'Export' button.

What is Currently Supported, and What is Coming for Custom Fields

Custom Fields are going to expand to include the ability to tag coaches, clients and vendors. Also, custom fields will be incorporated into reporting. Stay tuned as the capabilities for this feature grows....with more changes coming in the month of April, 2024.

What Functionality is Currently Supported?

Two custom field types are available, which include Multi-select, and Open Text. Custom fields can be applied to the following components of

  • Engagements

  • Engagement Templates

  • Client Coachees

  • Employees

Custom Fields will be viewable on the following pages:

  • Within an engagement

    • The engagement settings will show custom fields that are applied to the engagement

    • A link next to the coachee will show custom fields that are applied to the coachee

  • Engagements Page

  • Client Coachees Page

  • Employees Page

Exports is supported from the Engagements Page. Currently the custom fields data will be exported as JSON.

What Functionality is Coming for Custom Fields?

Custom fields is being expanded to allow for applying tags to:

  • Coaches

  • Vendors

  • Client companies

Custom fields will be available on the following reports:

  • Engagements Report

  • Coachees Report

  • Coaches Report

Table data exports will include the custom fields as columns instead of JSON. Bulk import will support the application of custom fields for:

  • Employees

  • Client Coachees

  • Engagements

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