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Creating Engagements
Creating Engagements
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Engagements are the events that occur between a coachee, coach, and admins. Admins can create engagements by customizing a new Engagement or applying a saved Engagement Template.

Before You Start

Add Employees, Coaches, and Coachees

Before creating an engagement, make sure to add your employees, coaches, and other admins. When you add these users, you can assign them a role in your company. User roles help admins control the permissions in your account. Each user role has access to different features across the platform.

To learn more about adding employees and coaches, check out the articles below.

Creating an Engagement

Engagements are made up of sessions, forms, files, tasks, and links. Each comes with customizable options to make the program unique and specific to each engagement.

  • From your Engagements page click “Create New”

  • Select a coachee from your list of employees and clients you’ve added, or “Create New Coachee” (this will prompt you for more information- see below).

  • Next, select a coach (from your coach directory), share coach pools, suggest specific coaches, or create a new coach. You can also skip this step if you’d like and assign a coach later.

  • Select an Engagement Template that you have already created, or start with a blank template by clicking “Skip”

  • When you are happy with your Engagement, use the drop-down menu and set it as “active”

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