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Google Meet Integration
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If you are a coach who utilizes Google calendars and enjoy using Google Meet, then this feature is perfect for you! Learn how to set Google Meet as your meeting location to conduct your coaching sessions.

Setting Up Google Meet as a Default Meeting Location

  • From My Settings, click on the Calendar tab

  • At the bottom of the Calendar page, notice Default Locations modal

  • Select Google Meet as your Default Meeting location (This is not retroactive, meaning if you have prior existing engagements with a different meeting location, you will need to adjust this per each session item. On new engagements going forward, Google Meet will automatically be set as your default meeting location)

Note: You can also set Google Meet as your Default Interview Location for chemistry interviews

Setting Up Google Meet for Specific Session

If you prefer to conduct your coaching sessions via Google Meet only for specific sessions, please follow the steps below:

  • Go to a specific engagement, then navigate to the session item where you want to meet via Google Meet

Within the Session item, click under Details. A Meeting Locations modal will pop-up, and you will be able to manually select Google Meet as the meeting location under the Saved tab

Meeting on Google Meet

Once you have set Google Meet as your default meeting location or have set it as the meeting location via a session item, you are ready to start scheduling your sessions. When you are scheduling your sessions, you will be able to confirm the meeting location is Google Meet prior to clicking Confirm Schedule:

Once the session has been scheduled, a Google Meet link will be generated in a few short moments. The scheduled session will automatically write to the coach Calendar, and the coachee will also be notified of the newly scheduled session via an email notification and an email generated by the coach’s synced calendar.

You will now be able to meet either via the generated link on your session, or directly through the event on your Google Calendar via Google Hangout.

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