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Company Branding Settings

Does your company have custom branding? has features that allow you to add your branding globally across all of your company’s accounts.

Start by adding your branding colors, uploading your logos, and setting your company email notifications.

  • From your Company Settings page click on Branding.

  • There are 4 categories you can edit: Email Notifications, Square Logo, Full Logo, and Brand Colors.

Choosing Brand Colors

Brand colors can help your users and clients identify with your company’s branding.

  • Within the Brand Colors panel there are options to choose your Theme, set a Primary Color, a Secondary Color, and the option to make the side nav bar White.

Helpful Tip: Making your side nav bar white works well when your primary color is set to lighter colors. Otherwise, the nav bar will show the Primary Color you select or stay as the default colors.

Pro Tip: Using the toggle to change your nav bar to your primary colors will show you a preview of what it will look like. Be sure to click save to apply the changes.

Choosing a Square Logo

Upload a square logo that will be used to show the company’s branding across the app.

  • Use the uploader to select a square image.

  • Accepted image formats include: png, jpg, gif, tiff, pdf, and more.

Choosing a Full Logo

Admins can upload a full-length version of their logo so that it gets added to forms, emails, and other places.

  • Use the uploader to select a rectangle image.

  • Accepted image formats include png, jpg, gif, tiff, pdf, and more.

  • Your account must be upgraded to a paid Subscription to enable this feature.

Helpful Tip: If a wide logo is not used, will default to the square logo uploaded by the admin.

Pro Tip: Full logos are available to Business Premium accounts only.

Choosing Email Notifications

Once the branding colors and logos are set admins can choose to customize the signatures and emails your users will receive.

  • Here you may add an Email Signature, your Company’s URL, and your Social Media account links.

  • Your account must be upgraded to a paid Subscription to enable this feature.

Helpful Tip: Branded email notifications are available for Business Premium accounts only,

Upgrade Your Subscription

Upgrading your account subscription will unlock account branding features. You will have access to the Full Logo feature and Branded Email Notification feature.

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