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Branded URLs
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Branded URLs allow Administrators and Coaches to customize the URL used for accessing Companies can claim a branded URL to match their company or business, and the url will appear as a subdomain of such as ''. Along with the URL, a branded login experience will also be coupled with the feature, allowing for the logo and brand colors to be presented during the login flow.

The guide below walks through the steps of setting up a branded URL and considerations for branding elements for the login flow.

Claiming a Branded URL

Branded URLs are only available for Premium and Enterprise subscription accounts. And these accounts already have many brand features. A Branded URL can complement attributes such as the logo, and primary and secondary colors. A new panel is available from the Branding Page from within Global Settings.

Branding Page Showing the New Custom URL Panel

Nestled between the logos and the Brand Colors is a new panel for "Your Custom URL". Here is where the custom subdomain can be entered.

Checking for Availability

The first step is to check for availability of the subdomain.

Simply type in the string that matches your brand or company name into the input box. There are some minor constraints that include:

  • A minimum of 3 characters

  • A maximum of 30 characters

  • Not supported: Special characters, spaces, periods, punctuation

If the branded subdomain is available, a message will appear stating that the URL is available, as seen below:

If the custom URL is not available, a message will appear with additional information, as seen below:

If the URL is available, it can be claimed by clicking the 'Submit Request' button. A confirmation dialog will follow allowing you to verify your submission. Once submitted the URL goes through a verification process. This may only take a few minutes. After several minutes you can click the 'Check Processing Status', or refresh the page. If you are not interested in waiting for the validation process to complete, you will receive a notification when the domain is verified and configured.

Claimed Status

Once a domain has been verified, a notification will be sent to the user that set the domain. Also, the Your Custom URL panel will show a new 'Claimed' status, as seen below.

The domain will now be in place for internal exmployees (coachees, coaches, admins), and for coachees and coaches who are a part of internal record companies. From here any new visits to the platform will leverage this URL. If it is not appearing immediately after claiming the URL, simply refresh the page.

Branded Login Experience

Once a branded URL is claimed, this will also enable a new branded login experience. This allows for an end-to-end experience of a while-labeled platform, especially when coupled these features with the Custom Email Domains feature, that provides all email communications from a custom email address.

The login experience uses the wide logo, the primary color, and the secondary color that is configured on the Branding page within the Global Settings. The login screen will match the branding experience found within the portal, and this of course will compliment the new URL.

There is no action needed to enable the branded login besides claiming a custom URL. Once this is enabled, and just like for the custom URL, coachees, coaches, and administrators who are part of the account will begin to see the branded login experience the next time they log in. Also users within the internal record accounts will also begin to see the new branded login experience.

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