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Tips to Make an Engaging and Simple Video
Tips to Make an Engaging and Simple Video
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In this article we will be providing you with some tips on how to create a simple yet engaging video for your profile. The purpose of the video is to introduce yourself to new or prospective clients.

Key Pointers

  • We suggest keeping your video around 30 seconds in duration

  • Develop a script or flow of what to say.

  • Film on Zoom with a microphone so sound is clear and background noises are reduced.

  • Look professional, dress like you were meeting a client face to face.

  • Ensure you have a nice background, remove anything that may be distracting.

  • Ensure your lighting is bright and clear. It may help to have a lights source from behind your camera.

  • Upload your completed video to Youtube or Vimeo.

    • Vimeo may be a good option as it provides more controls, and does not play other videos after your video completes.

  • Link to the video in your Coach Profile on

Following these simple tips will help you create a great looking video!

Sample Script

We have created this sample script to give you an idea of things you may want to include in your video.


Hello, I’ve been working with clients to __(achieve x results) _____ for the past ___(# years)____ and typically work with clients from _____(x companies or industries)________.

I specialize in supporting clients who need ___________ and __________ because ______(why you’re passionate about these clients)_________.

We typically work together _____(in person, over zoom, # times a month)_______ to achieve these results.

To get started, please set up a complimentary discovery call with me so we can determine the results you are looking for, our coaching process and if we are a good match. You can get scheduled by __(how to set the discovery call with you)________.

Looking forward to working with you / meeting you soon!

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