Automation for Engagements
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You can use automation to send program items, notifications, and reminders at the engagement template level or update these settings for an individual engagement.

Engagement Template Level

When viewing your engagement template you are able to set automation by selecting a program item and then clicking on the automation button in the right side of the middle pane.

From here you will be able to adjust a number of settings for that specific program item. Admins are able to adjust the subject line and add a custom message to the notification for the specific program item as well as turn on automation, adjust the automation type (fixed date or relative to the previous program item), and enable reminders to be sent out automatically.

Note: The soonest you can set an item to be sent out automatically is 1 minute after the previous item has been marked completed (or the engagement has started if it is the first item in the engagement).

Engagement Level

If you are looking to set or adjust the automation settings for a specific engagement you can do so by navigating to the engagement and selecting an item in the program. To access the automation settings of that item you will need to click the " " button in the right corner of the middle pane.

This will open the automation settings for that program item and you will be able to access the same menu as pictured above under that steps to adjust automation at the engagement template level.

Note: Automation set at the template level will be used on all new engagements using that template and will not update on existing engagements. Making adjustments to automations on a specific engagement will only update these settings for that single engagement. You will need to set automation for each program item in the template or engagement.

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