Create Custom Engagement Templates
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An engagement template is a pre-made template that can be applied to your engagements in the future. Templates help save time when creating and starting engagements. Admins can add program Items, resources, and customized settings for each template.

Please find a video summary below, along with a step-by-step walkthrough:

Creating Templates

You may create engagement templates for re-use from your company settings page.

  • From your Account Settings page click Engagement Templates.

  • Click Create New.

After creating the template you can add engagement elements including Sessions, Forms, Files, Tasks, and Links.

  • Add the Coach and Coachee as Attendees or Recipients in advance, and customize Program Item notifications in the notification bell in the upper right corner of each item.

  • The Resources panel allows users to upload files specific to the template.

  • The Template Settings panel is where a Theme Library can be attached, store Admin Files, rename or delete the Template.

If an engagement is created from a program template and changes are made to the engagement, no changes will be made to the template. Similarly, if changes are made to the template, it will not reflect in the engagement.

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