Add Coaches to a Coach Pool
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This article will teach you how to group your coaches into categorized pools which you may suggest to your clients and coachees.

To begin, go to your Coaches tab from the left side navigation bar.

Creating a New Coach Pool:

  • Click on the Coach Pool tab at the top of the page

  • Click the Create Coach Pool button at the upper right corner of this page

  • Give your coach pool a name and a description

  • Once finished, click on the Create Pool button

Add Coaches to an Existing Pool

Now that you have created your pool we will need to add coaches to it. In order to add coaches to your newly created pool follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Actions button to open the menu for a specific pool

  • Click on the edit button to edit the pool

  • Scroll down to the "Your Coach List" section

  • Click the check box next to the coach(es) you would like to add to this pool

  • Click the Add Selection to Pool button

Congratulations, you have now added coaches to your coach pool.

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