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Creating Your First Coach Pool
Creating Your First Coach Pool
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Admins can create coach pools that will begin a coach matching process between coaches and coachees. Pools can include your internal coaches, external shared coaches, and independent coaches.

Create a Pool

  • From the Coaches page, select a Coach by clicking on the checkbox next to their name or click Select All.

  • Click New Coach Pool.

  • Name the Pool, add a Description, and click Save.

Start the Matching Process

Before you create a new coach-matching engagement, you may want to set up some coach selection parameters for your clients. Check out the guide below to set up Coach Matching Settings.

Create a New Engagement

You may start the coach matching process from the Engagements page.

  • From the Engagements Page click Create New.

  • Select the desired coachee, then select ‘Share coach pools’

  • Select the desired coach matching setting, then click Complete at the end of the wizard.

The coach matching engagement will now be in a ‘draft’ state. To activate the matching process, make sure to click on Start Matching.

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