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When a coach without a synced calendar is presented to a coachee within a Coach Matching engagement, the coachee will have an option to request the coach for an interview and suggest availability.

Requesting Availability

The coachee will have an option to Request an Interview with a coach that they would like to have a chemistry interview with. The coachee will have an option to include in a memo what their preferred availability is.

Once the request has been sent to the coach, the coach will receive both an email notification and an in-app notification alerting them of this request.

Suggest Three Times

As the coach, upon receiving the notification that interview availability has been requested, clicking on the in-app notification will open a new modal.

Within this module, the coach will be able to see who requested availability and also review their memo. The coach will then be able to suggest three different times and send to the coachee to review and select one of the three options.

Clicking Send will send the suggested times to the coachee, who will receive this both via in-app notification and email notification. The coachee will then be able to review the suggested times and select one or request new times from the coach and the above process will repeat.

Once the coachee selects the desired time slot, this action will trigger an email notification to both the coach and coachee with an. ICS file containing the calendar invitation for the chemistry session.

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