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Adding and Managing Coaches
Adding and Managing Coaches
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Global admins are able to add coaches to their accounts to make them available for coaching. This article will address how to add, manage, and disconnect from coaches.

There are 3 Types of Coaches:

  1. Internal Coaches: Coaches that are employees of a company.

  2. Vendor Coaches: Vendor coaches that are shared with client companies.

  3. Independent Coaches: Contracted coaches that run a personal practice.

Adding Internal and Independent Coaches

Adding coaches to your account from the Coaches page sets the new user as a coach automatically. Users added as an employee from the Employees page can be changed to a coach from their profile summary. To learn how to assign user roles, click here.

  • From your Coaches page click Add Coach.

  • Select whether they are an Internal Coach or an Independent Coach.

  • Enter their email address to search the system and click Add.

  • If the Coach is not in the system enter their name, click Send Invitation, and click Add.

Adding Vendor Companies and Vendor Coaches

Adding Vendor Companies

External vendor companies can be added the same way as an internal or independent coach would be added. Or, the vendor can be added through the Vendor’s tab on the left hand navigation bar. Once the vendor is added, go to your Vendors tab and add coaches from there.

Requesting Coaches from Vendor Companies

Client companies must be connected to a coaching company before requesting coaches.

  • From the Company Profile page select the Coach tab.

  • Click on Add Coach and enter the coach’s email.

  • When the system finds the user click add or fill out the information to send them an invite.

Disconnect or Stop Sharing Coaches

Note: Disconnecting a coach means they will no longer have any access to their engagements.
In the event that you need to remove a coach from your account or stop sharing them with a client company you may do so from the Coaches page.

  • From your Coaches page select a Coach.

  • Click the three dots on their profile and select Disconnect to stop sharing them.

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