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Upon completing a coaching engagement, coachees will be able to provide a 1-5 star rating along with a written review for their coach. This applies to all marketplace engagements and can be toggled for non-marketplace engagements.

In the case of Marketplace engagements, meaning engagements that are a direct result of purchasing a Marketplace package, Coachees will always be prompted to provide a coach rating. This is to ensure the quality of coaching services we showcase within the Marketplace.

For non-Marketplace engagements, meaning all other engagements that were not a direct result of purchasing a Marketplace package, users will have a bit more leeway. It is up to the discretion of the creator of an engagement to decide whether the Coachee receives the Rating Form to provide a coach rating. By giving the engagement creator and not specifically the coach or admin the power to dictate whether a coachee will receive a Rating Form we are giving the power to the user who owns/created the engagement.

Admins will be able to configure this setting in their Company Settings under the Coach Settings card.

When a coachee completes either a Marketplace engagement or a non-Marketplace engagement in which the engagement creator has the ‘collect coach ratings’ settings turned on, they will receive a Rating Form.

A coachee will be able to give the coach a 1-5 star rating, 1 being ‘Very bad’ and 5 being ‘Very good’. They will also be able to fill out a written review, this is optional. Lastly, they may choose to submit a review anonymously. By choosing to be anonymous the coachee’s name is not revealed to the coach nor is their name disclosed on the coach profile Reviews section.

After a coachee submits a rating, the coach and the engagement creator will be notified (if applicable). The coach may reference all submitted ratings under their coach profile.

A coach’s overall rating calculation is based on a Bayesian model. Something to note is there is no overall calculation until after a coach receives a minimum of 5 ratings. We do so, so as to get a better, more accurate representation of the coach’s quality of services.

Additionally, only the 20 most recent ratings will be taken into consideration when calculating an overall rating. As many coaching engagements may last anywhere from 6 months to a year we want to make sure we are only taking into consideration the coach’s most recent line of work as it is more telling of their current quality of service.

Reviews and overall ratings will be displayed in their coach profile both in in-app and in the Marketplace. Please note that for internal coaches, their rating will only be visible to their admins and also to connected coachees through an engagement.

Appeal a Low Coach Rating

Coaches whose rating dip to 3.8 or lower will be removed from the marketplace to ensure the quality of coaches shared on the marketplace. To appear back on the marketplace, the coach’s overall rating would have to improve and exceed 3.8. If you feel you have wrongly been left a negative review and your rating has dipped below what it should have, please reach out to support either through the in-app chat support portal, or email [email protected].

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