Engagement Progress Tracking and Nudges

Engagement Progress Tracking and Nudges provides a way to identify when engagements are getting off-track.

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One of the primary requests for enhancements from administrators and coaches revolves around tools designed to maintain the momentum of engagements. The introduction of engagement progress tracking & nudges is a new addition to the platform.

Engagement progress tracking enables the reporting of engagements that may be veering off-course and sends timely notifications to the coachee, coach, and administrator. Also, the on/off track status is displayed on the Engagements page, as well as Engagements Report. This ensures everyone remains informed, facilitating prompt action to steer an engagement back on track.

Engagement Progress Tracker Settings within the Engagement Template

Engagement progress tracking starts with settings within engagement templates. This is where progress tracking can be enabled. The feature is enabled by specifying a threshold that determines if an engagement is on or off track.

When a threshold is set for progress tracking, the platform will monitor if sessions are being scheduled for 1:1 or On-Demand engagements, or if discovery calls are being scheduled for coach matching engagements. There is an additional toggle to "Enable off-track notifications". When an engagement becomes off-track this will notify the coachee, the coach, and the administrator.

How it works:

In the screenshot above:

  • 3 weeks is the setting for progress tracking

  • "Enable off track notifications" is enabled

If it has been 3 weeks since the last session (or start of the engagement), and there is not a session that is scheduled, the engagement will be marked as "Off-Track". The engagement will appear as off track within the platform (Shown below). Additionally, on the day that the engagement becomes off track, the coachee, coach, and administrator will all receive notifications.

Engagement Settings

When engagements are launched, the settings from the engagement template for progress tracking will be preserved. When the engagement is activated or goes into active coach matching, the clock will start in terms of progress tracking, if enabled. The engagement will become off track if the 1st session or discovery call is not scheduled within the timeframe specified.

Engagements Page

The Engagements page now reveals this new attribute for each engagement (shown below).

The 'On/Off Track' column can be shown or hidden by using the customize 'Columns' button. There are 3 possible values:

  • On Track (Green checkmark): Shows that everything is running smoothly for an engagement

  • Off Track (Red exclamation): Indicates that a session (or discovery call) has not been scheduled within the progress tracking threshold since the start of the engagement or since the last session.

  • Not tracking ("-"): Many engagements may not have engagement progress tracking enabled.

Who can see this information?

Visibility for On/Off Track information is only available to

  • The engagement owner

    • Global administrators of the same company

    • Location Administrators of the same company (Enterprise)

  • The coach of an engagement where engagement progress tracking is enabled.

Administrators that are not the engagement owner will not see the engagement progress unless they are the coach of the engagement.

Engagements Filter

The filter is receiving an upgrade as well. Coaches and administrators will be able to quickly filter engagements based on their progress status (shown below). Once 'VIEW RESULTS' is clicked the Engagements page will be filtered to show engagements with the associated progress status.

Engagements Report

The Engagements Report will also now provide a new filter for progress status, as well as provide a new column in the table data. This allows for advanced filtering and the creation of rich reports based on progress tracking.

Report Filters

Two new filters are available on the Engagements Report, and include:

  • On/Off Track: Filters the page/data based on if engagements are on or off track.

  • Off Track Since: Filters the page/data based on a date range of when an engagement was identified as being off track.

Engagements Table

On/Off Track is a new column that is available for the table data on the Engagements Report, as well as in the exports.

Notifications for Coachees, Coaches, and Administrators

Coachees, coaches, and administrators will have notifications for engagement progress tracking enabled. This can be disabled at any time.

Coachee Email Notification

Coach Email Notification

Administrator Email Notification

In the case that many engagements cross the same off track threshold at the same time, a single email will be sent to the administrator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will coachees or coaches still receive the off-track email notification, if they have an inactive status?

Internal Record Coachees: No, they will not receive a notification.

Invited Coachees: Yes, they will receive a notification.

Invited Coaches: Yes, they will receive a notification.

Can I track engagement progress without scheduling a session directly from the platform?

Absolutely! Scheduled sessions are not the only part of the engagement that signifies engagement activity. Keeping various components of the engagement updated will enable administrators and coaches to track progress. Engagement progress and activity is determined by the following factors, listed in order of prioritization:

  1. Scheduled / completed / cancelled session date

  2. Engagement start date

In a coach matching engagement, engagement progress and activity is determined by the following factors, listed in order of prioritization:

  1. Coach selection

  2. Scheduled discovery call dates

Why do some engagements show a "-" in the on/off track column?

A dash in the on/off track column indicates that this engagement is not being tracked.

This is due to one of the following reasons:

  • The engagement is not active.

  • The engagement does not have progress tracking enabled.

  • You are not from the same company as the engagement owner, and you are not the coach of the engagement.

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