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Release Notes March 2023 - Collecting Feedback for Sessions and Engagements with Coach Ratings
Release Notes March 2023 - Collecting Feedback for Sessions and Engagements with Coach Ratings
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Feedback from clients helps to acknowledge the work that coaches deliver, and it also helps to tell the story in terms of outcomes being gained. Coaches and administrators can use the feedback to refine, or perhaps validate, their approach.

Feedback and coach ratings on has just taken a large step forward and introduces session ratings, as well as an expansion in flexibility and utility of engagement ratings.

Release Highlights:

Engagement & Session Ratings

Engagement & session ratings are being launched in a very powerful way. Session Ratings are available for Pro, Premium, & Enterprise accounts. Engagement are available for all plans.

Starting today, both session and engagement ratings are now configurable at the engagement template (or engagement) level. There are standard questions that can be included within the ratings to expand on the feedback. There are also rich standard reports to showcase the feedback, including expansive filters for drilling into the data.

Table of Contents:

Setting Up Ratings With a New Engagement Template

A new wizard is now available for creating the Engagement Templates. The engagement template wizard helps in configuring the settings for both Session and Engagement ratings.

Step 1: Naming the Template

The first step is to give the template a name.

Step 2: Build Options

Now administrators and coaches have the choice to start a new template from scratch (no program items by default), or to copy from an existing template.

Step 3: Select from an existing template

If the option to 'Copy from an existing template and edit from there' was chosen on the previous step, this step will be presented to allow for the template selection.

Step 4: Selecting a Theme Library

Theme libraries are now common within the workflow as they provide the backbone for Goals as well as Session Topics.

Step 5: Ratings Selection Options

This is where engagement and session ratings come in. The options are to include both engagement and sessions ratings, either one, or none at all by disabling the ratings. Once out of the wizard these option can always be changed later.

Step 6: Session Ratings Options

If session ratings were selected on the previous screen, then the dialog below will be presented....allowing the administrator to customize the questions. Two of the questions are locked, and cannot be disabled and include:

  • How satisfied were you with the coaching session? (1-5 star rating)

  • Add a review (Open text response)

There are 3 additional questions that are available:

  • How satisfied were you with the coach? (1-5 star rating)

  • How likely are you to recommend this. coach to a friend/colleague? (1-5 star rating)

  • How quickly can you put what you learned in your session into practice? (1-5 star rating)

Questions selected will be presented to the coachee in the form of a survey once a session is completed. The preview survey option presents the survey in a new browser window.

Step 7: Engagement Rating Options

If engagement ratings were selected in Step 5, then the dialog below will be presented. The Engagement ratings questions dialog allows for customizing the questions that will be presented to the coachee. There are 3 questions which are locked, and will always be presented:

  • How satisfied were you with the coaching engagement overall? (1-5 star rating)

  • How satisfied were you with the coach? (1-5 star rating)

  • Add a review (Open text response)

Two questions are optional and include:

  • How likely. are you to recommend this coach to a friend/colleague? (1-5 star rating)

  • How quickly can you put what you learned in your engagement into practice? (1-5 star rating)

Once the engagement is completed, the questions selected will be presented to the coachee in the form of a survey.

Once these settings are saved, the engagement template will be setup with all of the session and engagement ratings configuration.

Enabling or Modifying Ratings From the Engagement Template Settings/Engagement Settings

The settings for engagement or session ratings can be enabled, disabled, or modified at any time from within the Template Settings, or within the launched Engagement Settings. Below is a screenshot of the engagement and session ratings within the Engagement Template Settings.

Note**: Modifying the Engagement Template does not also modify the engagements that were launched using the template.

The Coachee Experience

If session ratings are enabled by the administrator, Coachees will receive notifications after each session is completed.

Session Ratings

Coachee Notifications

The following shows the email and In-App notifications the coachee will receive when a session is completed.



Session Ratings Form

Regardless off email or In-App, the notifications will lead the coachee to the same place which is a form where they can fill in their submissions

The Coachee will be presented with the questions that the administrator decided to enable. There are up to 4 linear scale questions. There is also an open ended question to leave a review.

Coachees can decide if their response should be anonymous or not. If the coachee selects for the response to be anonymized, then the response will only be available via the new Session Ratings Report, and all personally identifiable information will be removed. Only administrators would see the scores from anonymous responses.

If the Coachee does not make the response anonymous then the ratings will appear in both the Session Ratings Report, as well as within the analytics section of the Engagement Settings.

Engagement Ratings

Coachee Notifications

The following shows the email and In-App notifications the coachee will receive when an engagement is completed.



Engagement Ratings Form

Coachees will see a similar form (as in session ratings), but the questions are slightly different and are focused on the engagement. The ratings questions are based on a linear scale from 1-5 stars. There is an open ended question to allow for feedback. As with the session rating, the response can be anonymous

Reporting for Engagement & Session Ratings

Engagement and session ratings will appear in 2 potential places:

  • Within the Engagement Settings - Engagement Analytics section. Responses will ONLY appear here if the coachee decided not to anonymize their response

  • Within the Engagement Ratings Report or Session Ratings Report respectfully

Engagement Settings - Analytics

Within the Engagement Settings there is an Engagement Analytics Section. This is where coachee rating responses will appear if they have not been selected for anonymization by the coachee.

Before any ratings are collected, coaches and administrators will see empty-state widgets for the engagement and session ratings:

As non-anonymous ratings are collected, they will be displayed within this section. In the case of On-Demand coaching, where there may be a number of coaches, coaches will ONLY see ratings for the sessions that they were involved in. The screenshot below illustrates what the ratings can look like within the Engagement Analytics.

Session Ratings Report

A new standard report is available called the Session Ratings Report. This report shows all of the ratings collected across the engagements. Powerful filters are available to be able to slice and dice the data. The following charts are provided:

  • Overall Engagement Rating - Averages scores from the 4 sub-questions.

  • Engagement Survey Averages - Shows the average ratings of each individual question type

  • Top Rated Coaches - Showing the top 5 coaches based on “How satisfied are you with your coach?” question

  • Completed Ratings - showing the total number of rating responses collected over time

Engagements Ratings Report

Engagement ratings now appear with a new standard report called Engagement Ratings Report. This report offers all of the same features (filters, charts, table data) as the Session Ratings Report, but is focused on the engagement ratings responses and questions.

Coach Ratings

Coach ratings come from the engagement ratings submissions, and specifically from the following question: "How satisfied were you with your coach?".

Note*: For On-Demand engagements this question will not apply to the Coach ratings as shown below.

Coach ratings appear in two places. Administrators can see the ratings for coaches on the Coaches and Coach Pool Editor page. Below is an example screenshot:

Also, ratings appear as a part of the coach's profile:

50x Performance Improvement for Engagement and Sessions Reports

Larger accounts have hit limitations in when viewing the Engagement or Sessions reports within the Reports section. The issues were specifically performance-based, and users would see empty charts or tables without any other explanation. A time-out was happening, preventing any data to be displayed.

The Engagement Report and Sessions Reports have been rearchitected for speed and scale. There is a 50x improvement in the response times, and this includes exports. Customers should see an immediate improvement when using these reports.

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