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The Global Admin (limited access) role is a useful role to assign to an employee if you would like for them to view limited data within your account, and not have full visibility that a Global Admin with full access would have.

Global Admins are able to see massive amounts of information on various pages as they have the highest level of permissions.

An example of how the Employees page looks from a Global Admin’s perspective:

The Function of Global Admin (Limited Access) Role

In order to limit access to bulk data, the following areas have been addressed:

  • The Table Data
    The Table Data will initially be blank, instead of loading the paginated data by. default
    Search will still be available (limited to 5 results)

  • The Export Button
    The export button will be removed for this role (users assigned to this role cannot export any reports or engagements summaries)

  • Access to /reports is removed

The screenshot below shows how the page will appear on load for this role. Initially, the table will be blank. A Global Admin (Limited Access) will be able to search for employees and the results will be limited to 5 results. Similarly, on other parts of the application, the user will see the same behavior for Engagements, Clients, Coaches, Vendors, etc., and the Export button is removed.

Assign a user the Global Admin (Limited Data) Role:

  • Go to your Employees page

  • Click on an employee and click on the 3 dots

  • Select Update Account Roles

  • Choose ‘Global Admin’ Limited Data access

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