Managing Goals Within an Engagement
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Administrators and coaches have some new controls within engagement templates and engagement settings related to goals.

First, goals can be disabled completely for engagements. This may be useful in context such as an On-Demand engagement, where the coachee is meeting with many coaches.

The toggle "Enable the ability to create goals" (Shown above) is enabled by default. If the toggle is disabled, the Goals tab will no longer be visible for the coachee, coach, or administrator.

Next, if goals are enabled, there is an additional privacy control that is now available.

By default, when goals are created they are visible to "Everyone - Admins and engagement participants". There is a new 'Goal Visibility" toggle that can be disabled in the template or within the engagement settings. When disabled, any goals that are created are "Confidential - Only the coach and coachee can see the goal".

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