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Release Notes May 2023 - Navigation, Look & Feel, and Onboarding
Release Notes May 2023 - Navigation, Look & Feel, and Onboarding
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Onboarding for Coaches and Administrators, as well as the organization of navigation and settings has just gotten a lot better on the platform. This release introduces a lot of improvements that all add up to significant changes in the usability and aesthetics. This is a first wave of enhancements, as there are subsequent releases that are coming next that take it to even higher level.

In this release:

Navigation + Site Usability Upgrades

There are an array of new changes that are aimed to improve the usability of the site. The navigation at highest level has been improved to place links, pages, and features in a more organized and expected architecture. Where items where misplaced, or hard to find, they have been aggregated and consolidated. Access to feature and pages is now more user friendly.

Global Navigation

The global navigation is found at the top right of the web application and provides access to your profile, settings, customer success, message center and more. The navigation has been redesigned to place links and functionality into areas that are intuitive.

Each navigation icon may contain additional links that are made available by clicking on it. A description of each icon and the additional links are described below.

Navigation Item

Description and Links

Message Center

Links directly the Message Center where chat conversations can held between contacts.


Shows recent notifications from the platform, and is based on events from sessions, engagements, coach matching, payments and more.


Help has expanded to include the following sub items:

Support Portal: Opens a new tab that goes to

Chat Support: Opens a dialog to communicate with the Customer Success Team.

Learning Journeys: Links to some of the most popular articles for learning the platform.

Whats' New: You can stay in touch with all of the latest feature enhancements on the platform, with articles like this one.


Settings from across the platform (personal, company, marketplace) have been reorganized and can all now be found under this one menu item.

Settings: All settings have been centralized in a new Global Settings page. This is detailed in much greater detail later in this set of release notes.

Quick Setup Guide: This was formerly called the Setup Wizard, or Onboarding Wizard and helps to get some of the account basics setup. This guide has been simplified to a great extent and is detailed later in this set of release notes.

*Note: Quick Setup Guide is not visible to Coachees


Provides a link to Marketplace. Marketplace has been redesigned to be more versatile, and is detailed later in this set of release notes.

*Note: Marketplace is not available for Internal Coaches or Coachees. Client Administrators have a limited view showing only Programs and Events and Assessment. See the Marketplace + Marketplace Settings section below in this document.


Under the Avatar are options that are available based on the user's role. A description of the links and the roles is described below.

My Profile: This is a link to a coaches profile, and is only available for coaches.

My Interviews: This links to the Interviews page, which shows any coach matching interviews (chemistry calls), or interviews from marketplace.

Company Profile: This is only available to Administrators who are part of an account that 'Sell coaching services'. This option is enabled in the Company Settings. A company profile can be used to showcase the business on Marketplace.

Logout: Ends the session by logging out of the platform.

Site Navigation

Site Navigation allows for the user to navigate to different parts of the site. The options vary based on the user's role.

*Note: A coachee does not have access to this menu.

Home: Navigates to the Home Page. The Home Page is only available for account owners such as Global Administrators for clients/vendors, and for Independent Coaches

Programs: Links to the Programs page, where coaches can find out about programs and events that are happening around

Coaching Platform: Links to the software where engagements, sessions, clients, and resources are managed.

WBECS Summit: Links to the entry page for the Summit, which is where coaches go to learn and network with some of the top coaches in the industry.

Home Page Redesign

The Home page has been redesigned to bring some efficiency to navigation, and also spruce up the look and feel. The Home page is where account owners and Administrators land when they login. Now all of the most common destinations are available from the Home page with a single click.

Coaching Company Global Admin View


  • The Home page is only available to certain roles: Global Administrators (client/vendor/enterprise), and to Independent Coaches.

  • The specific cards (links) that show up are dependent on the role. For example, Client Administrators would not have a Clients card, or Marketplace cards.

Global Settings Reorganization

Previously, settings links could be found in various locations on the platform. This includes Personal Settings, Company Settings, and Marketplace Settings,. The pages and the links were not well-organized, making them hard to find.

Now, all settings have been organized into a Global Settings page. This new page packs a punch in keeping everything in one place, and it is both modular and sleek.

Settings are accessible from both the top menu:

...and the left navigation:

Example Global Settings for an Independent Coach

Example Global Settings for Internal Coaches

Marketplace + Marketplace Settings

Marketplace is expanding to showcase more offerings from and its partners. There are 4 categories of content that will be displayed based on a users role. The 4 categories include Independent Coaches, Coaching Companies, Programs & Events, and Assessments.

The categories are ranked based on the role, are removed from view based on certain conditions. For example, a client administrator who has been invited to the platform would not see Independent Coaches or Coaching Companies.

Home Page Categories


Independent Coaches

This section exists today and showcases Independent Coaches on the platform who have published their marketplace profile. *Note: This is not viewable to Client Administrators who have been invited to the platform.

Coaching Companies

This section exists today and showcases Vendors on the platform who have published their business marketplace profile. *Note: This is not viewable to Client Administrators who have been invited to the platform.

Programs & Events

This is a new section that lists popular and upcoming coaching programs and coaching events. This includes the Summit as well as partnerships with some of the best in the industry.


This category shows different opportunities for coaches, vendors, or client administrators to leverage self-assessments and 360 assessments in their practice.

Example View for a Coaching Company Administrator

Marketplace Navigation

For independent coaches and coaching companies who are active with a marketplace list, the navigation for Marketplace is now more simple. All of the destinations related to Marketplace are available in a top menu.

A description of the menu items is found below:

Marketplace Menu Item



Shows the available coaches, coaching companies, and offers described in the section above.

Marketplace Settings

The place where the presence on Marketplace is managed. Here is where a custom URL can be claimed, general information about the profile, and publishing of the profile happens.


Packages has been separated from Marketplace Settings. Here is where a coach or coaching company can connect to Stripe for payment, build new packages to list on Marketplace, and sign up for special package offers.

My Marketplace

My Marketplace is the registry of packages that are both purchased and sold on the marketplace.

Coach and Account Owner Onboarding

Account Activation Flow

Whenever someone signs up for a new account on, there has been potential confusion in the Account Activation workflow. There are important factors like understanding if the account is a part of business, or for an individual, and also if the user signing up is part of a coaching organization, or a client organization.

The new Account Activation workflow simplifies this by asking the right questions at the right time.

Step 1: First and Last Name

Nothing has changed on this step.

Step 2: Individual or Team

This is a new step, and provides more clarity in the type of account being requested. Either this account is for an individual, like an independent coach, or its for a business like a coaching company.

Step 3a (Individual): Coach or Client

After selecting 'Individual' in the step above, this step clarifies if the user is seeking a coaching account or a client account. The type of account matters, and will showcase different feature sets.

Step 3b (Team): Relationship to Coaches

If a user select Team instead of individual in Step 2, this step helps to clarify what type of business account this is. It may be more geared towards a client account by contracting external coaches. Or, it could be more geared towards a coaching company by employing internal coaches, or selling coaching services.

Step 4: Company Name and Title

This step has not changed, and collects the user's company name and title.

Step 5: One Time Passcode

Lastly, the One Time Passcode screen is presented to verify the user's email. They will receive an email with a 6-digit code that they can enter on this screen.

Quick Setup Guide + Learning Journeys

The Quick Setup Guide was previously known as the Setup Wizard, and it has gone through some significant improvements. The Quick Setup Guide is geared towards providing a few simple steps to onboard a new account owner, or a new coach. Prior to this release the Setup Wizard was a bit heavy, and fell short of opening up opportunities.

The new Quick Setup is short, and it collects the basic information needed for the basic account information. This information is vital in being prepared for working with clients or vendors on the platform. Furthermore, the Quick Setup Guide now leads to Learning Journeys. Learning Journeys is a help article integration that groups articles based on the outcomes desired with the platform. The outcomes may be around inviting your first client, or branding your experience, and even some basics like managing sessions.

Below are screenshots from the Quick Setup Guide, and also from Learning Journeys. Note: There are slight modifications to this workflow depending on the role or account type.

Step 1: General Settings

The first step of the Quick Setup Guide collects basic information like language (There are 4 supported languages), timezone, and information such as the company name.

If this is for an independent coach account, certain questions are skipped, for example 'I am a coach' . Below is an example of an internal coach view.

Internal Coach View of Step 1

Step 2: My Profile

This step is only presented if the account is for an internal/external coach, and allows for the user to set their profile picture and a short blurb. It also links to the full profile which can be filled out at a later time.

Step 3: Company Profile

This step is only asked if the account is a business account that sells coaching, and provides basic information. It is much like the Coach Profile described above.

Step 4: Connect Calendar

This step is only asked if the user is a coach, and allows for them to setup their calendar connection to an external calendar provider.

Step 5: Learning Journeys

This is a step that simply links to the article Learning Journeys (Shown Below)

Learning Journeys

Learning Journeys is an article designed to group articles in meaningful ways based on outcomes. It ranges from account setup, to coach matching, to marketplace, and more. These articles should help in getting coaches through learning curves, by putting the information they need at their fingertips.

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