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Signing Up for a Account
Signing Up for a Account
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Welcome to!

Follow the steps below to create a FREE account.

You may sign up for an account at OR you can be invited to create an account by a user. Please note that if you are part of an organization you will need to wait for an invitation from the admin of your organization's account.

Please find a video summary below, along with a step-by-step walkthrough:

Signing Up for an Account

Here’s how to sign up:

🟣 STEP 1:

  • Click on the signup link, fill in an Email Address, and Set a Password.

  • Next, you’ll be asked to enter some information about yourself

🟣 STEP 2: - Individual or Team

  • We've implemented a new step in our account setup process to provide enhanced clarity regarding the type of account you're requesting.

  • Now, when creating an account, you can clearly specify whether it's for an individual, such as an independent coach, or for a business, like a coaching company. This ensures a more streamlined experience tailored to your specific needs.

🟣 STEP 3.A: (Individual): Coach or Client

  • Once you've selected 'Individual' in the previous step, this next important stage clarifies whether you are looking to create a coaching account or a client account.

    It's crucial to determine the correct account type as it will unlock distinct sets of features tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

🟣 STEP 3.B: (Team): Coach or Client

  • If you selected "Team" instead of "Individual" in Step 2, this next step is designed to provide clarity on the type of business account you are creating. Your business account could be more oriented towards a client-focused approach, involving the engagement of external coaches to serve your clients.

  • On the other hand, it could be more geared towards a coaching company model, involving the employment of internal coaches or the sale of coaching services.

    Determining the appropriate business account type ensures that you can access the right features and functionalities to suit your specific business needs.

🟣 STEP 4: Company Name and Title

  • This step asks you to provide your company name and title to proceed further.

🟣 STEP 5: One-Time Password and Account Activation

  • The One-Time Passcode screen is presented to verify the user's email. They will receive an email with a 6-digit code that they can enter on this screen.

Once you have authenticated your account, you are all set!

Advanced Tip: If the user does not receive an activation email please have them check their spam folders. Admins can resend invitations to users from the new user’s profile page under the dropdown menu under the three dots.

Quick Setup Guide + Learning Journeys

Formerly known as the Setup Wizard, our Quick Setup Guide has undergone significant improvements to enhance your onboarding experience. Designed for new account owners or coaches, the Quick Setup Guide now offers a streamlined process, collecting essential information required for your basic account setup. This information is crucial for effectively working with clients or vendors on the platform. Additionally, the Quick Setup Guide now seamlessly integrates with Learning Journeys, which categorize articles based on desired outcomes. Whether you're inviting your first client, branding your experience, or managing sessions, Learning Journeys provide helpful guidance tailored to your specific needs.

🟣 STEP 1: General Settings

The first step of the Quick Setup Guide collects basic information like language (There are 4 supported languages), timezone, and information such as the company name.

If this is for an independent coach account, certain questions are skipped, for example 'I am a coach' . Below is an example of an internal coach view.

Internal Coach View of Step 1

🟣 STEP 2: My Profile

This step is only presented if the account is for an internal/external coach, and allows for the user to set their profile picture and a short blurb. It also links to the full profile which can be filled out at a later time.

🟣 STEP 3: Company Profile

This step is only asked if the account is a business account that sells coaching, and provides basic information. It is much like the Coach Profile described above.

🟣 STEP 4: Connect Calendar

This step is only asked if the user is a coach, and allows for them to setup their calendar connection to an external calendar provider.

🟣 STEP 5: Learning Journeys

This is a step that simply links to the article Learning Journeys (Shown Below)

💡 Learning Journeys

Learning Journeys is an article designed to group articles in meaningful ways based on outcomes. It ranges from account setup, to coach matching, to marketplace, and more. These articles should help in getting coaches through learning curves, by putting the information they need at their fingertips.

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