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Overview offers public APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), allowing customers to extend and customize the platform based on their needs. With open API’s, customers have the ability to integrate the data from with their own systems or even third party system. data can be setup based on information from other systems, or it can be used as a reporting engine for activity on the platform.

The Components, or Models, Available via the API

The public API provides access to some of the core components of the platform. These components, or models, are available for reading and writing via the different API methods. The current components available via the API include:

  • Coaches

  • Coachees

  • Engagements

  • Goals

  • Themes

  • Sessions

A diagram of the support models are shown below:

Not all of the models or entities within the platform are exposed via the API. Please consult with your Customer Success manager for requests to expand the API to expose more data.

API Methods

Component within the API contain a number of different methods for interacting. For example methods may exis to create, read, or update an entity. The request and response for each method is based on the JSON format. All API methods are well documented, and include example requests and responses.

For a full list of API methods please visit the API Documentation.

API Access & Credentials uses an API Gateway that requires an access key. The access key is secret and is specific to your account. An API user will be setup within the account that is specific to requests via the API. This user will be visible via the Employees page within the application, and will only be used for API requests. When a request is made via the API (using the secret), internal to the platform, it will appear as the API user is making the request. For example, to create a session. This allows all API requests and actions to be logged for audit purposes.

Requesting API Access

You must be a Global Administrator on the account to request access.  Access is limited to Premium and Enterprise accounts only.

Please request API access through your Customer Success Manager, or by chatting with a Customer Success representative. Please specify if you would like to access a sandbox environment for testing, or the production environment. An API user will be setup within your account, and an API access key will be shared via a secure method.

Roadmap and API Updates

The API will be expanding to cover more use cases over time. The API Documentation will always be maintained to showcase the latest functionality.

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