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Setting Up Your Organizational Structure and Location Admins
Setting Up Your Organizational Structure and Location Admins
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Helpful Tip: This feature is available to Enterprise plans.

Your employees, coaches and clients can be tagged to your unique Locations, Departments, and Sub-Departments. Location Admins can only access people and engagements tagged to their location(s) and they can only generate reports with data from their location(s).

Add a Location

If your organization has multiple locations you can set the locations here to manage users across all locations.

  • From the Dashboard click on Company Settings.

  • Click Org Structure.

  • Click Add Location.

You may now set the information for the location that you are adding including the:

  • Name

  • Phone Number

  • Address

When you have added the location information click save.

Add Departments

If your organization has multiple departments per location you may add those here.

  • From the dashboard click Company Settings.

  • Click Org Structure.

  • Click Add Department.

  • Give your department a name.

Once you have set up the department and give it a name, you may add sub-departments or business units for additional reporting/tracking.

Assign Locations to Employees

Employees will only be visible to global admins and location admins that are assigned to manage their location. If not assigned to any location, an employee added by a global admin will be visible to all locations by default. If an employee is added by a location admin, the employee will automatically be assigned to that location.

Assign Location Admins

Assign admins to manage employees under specific locations, or to manage specific external clients and/or vendors.

You may make an employee a location admin so that they are able to access and manage all engagements and users for the location(s) they are assigned to. If Location Admins add new employees or clients, they will automatically be assigned to their location. If a Global Admin creates a new client or employee, the location needs to be added to make it visible to Location Admins.

  • From the dashboard click employees page.

  • Next to the employee name click on the three dots. (more options menu)

  • Click on Update Employee Roles.

  • From the popup window select the employee role and select Location Admin.

  • Select a location and click add role.

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