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Release Notes June 11th, 2024 - Custom Fields Enhancements
Release Notes June 11th, 2024 - Custom Fields Enhancements
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Custom Fields are being utilized in various ways to enhance the data within the platform. This update incorporates a multitude of improvements to custom fields. It introduces expanded tagging capabilities and, notably, introduces rich reporting and filtering functionalities for custom fields.

In This Release:

Custom Fields Enhancements

Custom Fields offer a pathway to seamlessly integrate your unique data with the existing information on For instance, you can document and monitor billing-related details, establish personalized attributes for coachees, and more. Moreover, you have the ability to specify access permissions and control data update privileges.

Custom Fields are undergoing significant expansion to encompass even more areas for tagging, such as Coaches, Clients, and Vendors. Additionally, a plethora of new functionalities has been introduced, spanning from bulk import capabilities to new filters, and enhanced reporting and exports. These advancements culminate in an exceptionally robust platform, enhancing operational workflows and fostering deeper insights.

Applying Custom Fields

Previously, custom fields could be applied to Engagement Templates, Engagements, Employees, and Coachees with a Premium or Enterprise subscription. With this update, custom fields are now extendable to Coaches, Clients, and Vendors, broadening the scope for tracking data and leveraging organizational structures for specific types of information. For instance, you can assign custom fields to the client company, such as Billing Code, while allocating individual custom fields to coachees, like Manager's Email.

The diagram below shows all of the different areas of where you can apply custom fields:

Accessing Custom Fields on Prominent Pages

Once custom fields are configured, they become universally accessible across the platform. They are available wherever custom fields can be applied, as described previously, and can be included for display or in reporting purposes.

Custom fields have expanded and can now be accessed from the following pages:

  • Within an engagement

  • Within engagement templates

  • Custom fields can be presented on the page in the table data from the following pages

    • Employees page

    • Coach page

    • Clients page

    • Client Coachees page

    • Vendors Page

    • Vendor Coaches page

    • Engagements page

Employee Page Showing Custom Fields in the Table Data

For example, custom fields can be displayed along with data on pages like the Engagements Page.

Reporting and Custom Fields

Custom fields are seamlessly integrated into the reporting experience for engagements, coachees, and coaches. On these pages, you'll now find new filters featuring the custom field data conveniently positioned at the top, enhancing the reporting capabilities.

Applying the filters will dynamically update both the visualizations and the table data. In addition to these enhancements, this release introduces improvements to the table data in reports. Now, within the Engagements, Coachees, and Coaches reports, the columns of the tables can display custom fields alongside the existing data. Moreover, this information can be conveniently exported for further use.

Bulk Import and Custom Fields

Finally, the Bulk Import feature for engagements, employees, and client coachees has been upgraded to accommodate custom fields. This streamlined process makes it effortless to include additional data, allowing for easy import with just a few clicks.

Bulk Import CSV Showing New Columns for Custom Fields

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