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Release Notes May 17, 2024 - Session Cancellation Updates, Report Exports
Release Notes May 17, 2024 - Session Cancellation Updates, Report Exports
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May is a period of momentum. It's a time when you're assessing the advancements of your clients, and likely, your own progress too. At, we gauge our success by providing tools and features that resonate with our clients and their clients alike. In this release, we've introduced some valuable additions designed to enhance organizational efficiency in how cancellations are recorded. Additionally, we've incorporated reporting scalability features to ensure seamless handling of even the most extensive report export requirements, setting the stage for success across various scales of demand.

In This Release:

Session Cancellation Updates - Cancel, Late Cancel, and No Show

So far, the platform has treated all cancellations uniformly, categorizing each one as a late cancellation. However, we recognize that not all cancellations are equal. Various types of cancellations can lead to different outcomes, for example, affecting how we clients are billed.

The platform is rolling out two new cancellation statuses, providing more flexibility for session management:

  • Cancelled On Time (New!) - This type of cancellation can occur before the coach's designated cancellation window. With the exception of On-Demand coaching, it requires the coach or administrator to mark the session status as "Cancelled (On Time)". Once cancelled on time, a session cannot be reused, so it's essential to consider whether rescheduling is appropriate.

  • Late Cancel - This type of cancellation happens within a specific time frame close to the scheduled session time and typically aligns with the coach's cancellation policy.

  • No Show (New!) - This status indicates that the coachee failed to attend or appear for the session.

Cancel Session Dialog

The Cancel Session dialog is undergoing updates to incorporate the new cancellation options seamlessly. Upon presentation, it will automatically consider the coach's cancellation window and the session scheduled date to ensure the appropriate cancellation option is preselected by default.

For added convenience, the Cancel Session dialog will streamline the process based on the timing of the cancellation:

  1. If the cancellation occurs before the coach's cancellation window, upon opening the Cancel Session dialog, it will automatically default to 'Cancellation On Time'.

  2. If the cancellation falls within the coach's cancellation window, the dialog will default to 'Late Cancel'.

  3. In cases where the cancellation happens after the scheduled session date, the dialog will default to 'No Show' status.

Regardless of the default selection, the coach retains the option to change the status type before finalizing the cancellation.

Edit Cancel Status (New!)

Administrators and coaches will have the ability to update the cancellation status of sessions that have been submitted, allowing them to correct any errors if necessary.

Cancel Status Display

The new status will be displayed for the coach and administrator wherever. For example, the session card will be updated to show the different status, as seen below.

Likewise, the various cancellation statuses will be visible on both the Coach and Administrator Dashboard:

Coachees will only be informed that the session has been cancelled without specifying the cancellation type, as depicted below:

Sessions Report

The Sessions Report is being updated to include the new cancellation statuses, and also include additional filters:

The Status column within Sessions Report table data will be updated accordingly:

Coachee Report

The Coachee Report will also feature the cancellation statuses, with new columns added to track metrics for the different cancellation types.

Report Exports - Scale and Notifications

Administrators exporting reports will now experience notable improvements aimed at enhancing scalability and communication during the export process. The reporting system has been expanded to efficiently handle large-scale reports. Upon initiating an export, users will encounter a revised user interface (UI). After pressing the export button on a report, a new progress indicator will be displayed, offering real-time updates on the export progress.

Once completed the UI will refresh to show the status along with a 'Download' button. Pressing download will immediately download the report.

The progress indicator for the download can he hidden at any time. The administrator that launched the download will also receive an email notification and an in-app notification when the report is ready. The secure download link is available for 7 days.

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