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Release Notes August 8, 2023 - Engagement Program Item Usability
Release Notes August 8, 2023 - Engagement Program Item Usability
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There are some exciting features coming to the platform in the coming months. And in preparation for the upcoming changes, the program items user interface has been updated to streamline the content. Program items are the different steps within the engagement roadmap. The program items are core to the experience of the administrator, coach, and the client with any engagement.

In This Release:

Program Item Usability Enhancements

The usability changes for engagement programs items are based on a modernized information architecture for the content. The new design provides better structure of the information, allows for scanning of the content, and also organizes all of the actions. This makes working in and with the program items a better experience.

The new layout for engagement program items aims to have a consistency regardless of the type. The following shows the layout for the session program item.

Example of the New User Interface Design for a Session Program Item

The figure below features the new design for session program items.

This may or may not feel revolutionary, however in contrast to the old design, there are substantial improvements. Below are the most notable changes:

  • Each section of information has its own icon and label, which are left-justified and easy to scan

  • All of the information for each section is centered on the page, next to each label.

  • The actions are right aligned on the page, easy to find and use.

These changes bring structure to the page that will make it easier to use. The following shows an example of a file program item.

Example of the New User Interface Design for a File Program Item

The same structure is applied to tasks, links, and forms.

Data Visibility, Controls, and Permissions Related to the UI Changes

There are no changes in the functionality or permissions related to the updated user interface in this release. All of the same visibility of program items and the data is in tact and hasn't changed. The actions are all the same as well, however they are now presented in a new format.

On-Demand Session Edits

Sessions within On-Demand engagements were not previously editable. However they were setup in the template, the would stay forever. This means that the name, description, default location and the duration could not be edited....until now.

The new edit controls for On-Demand sessions allows administrators to make updates to the sessions within the engagements. This can help with making adjustments based on clients or coaches. Within the session pane, the session title, description, duration and location are now editable.

Screenshot of the New Edit Controls for On-Demand Sessions

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