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The Dashboard that a coach or administrator sees when logging in is poised to be a significant tool to help orient around information and updates. The new dashboard for coaches and administrators is a significant up-level, and offers the most important information for coaches to see and utilize when coming into the platform.

The Coach and Administrator Dashboard

The dashboard that coaches and administrators see when they enter the coaching management software is being redesigned to provide a space for items that are truly actionable. And the purpose of the redesign is to make a more powerful dashboard that provides significantly more value.

The new dashboard has 6 primary components

  • Quick links: Buttons for some of the most common actions.

  • Notifications: Based on existing notifications for recent events in the system, they are now front & center.

  • Sessions: This is a fresh design and elevates the visibility of upcoming and completed sessions.

  • Coaching Matching Interviews: Interviews are now in an updated design that is more insightful and actionable.

  • Assignments: Assignments are now a major component for the page, easily found, and managed.

  • Marketplace Packages: For those that are driving marketplace sales, there is a new widget to see recent sales/purchases from Marketplace.

Here is a preview of what a full dashboard might look like

Dashboard for New Coaches

When coaches first come into the platform they may not have any engagements, sessions, or assignments. They will be greeted with a much more pleasant experience that helps them get started with the new Quick Setup Guide. Below is a screenshot of what a new Internal Coach will see. It is a very similar experience for Independent Coaches and Administrators.

As soon as an engagement is created and sessions are created, this temporary dashboard for new users will turn into the full dashboard (seen below).


The Dashboard Components


Quicklinks are at the top of the dashboard and are available for administrators and independent coaches. They include some of the most common actions.

The new Quicklinks actions include:

  • Quick Setup Guide: This is the guide that walks through some of the most basic settings for the platform.

  • Create Engagement: Launches the engagement creation workflow.

  • Add Client: Launches the new client workflow.

  • Create Invoice: Launches for the workflow for creating a new invoice related to a session, or number of sessions.

  • Schedule Session: This is a new wizard for scheduling right from the dashboard. *Note: This feature is coming in the next release.


Notifications have always been a part of the platform. But they were tucked away behind the bell icon in the top navigation. Now notifications are front and center so that coaches and administrators can quickly get caught up on any events that have happened, or are happening.

Notifications are a great way to stay informed. And the notifications are linked, so more information is just a click away. They can also be hidden out of view with a 'Hide' option that appears on hover. The Session notifications step-it-up-a-notch with the option to mark complete right from this dashboard widget.


Sessions are the life blood of coaching, and the Sessions widget brings full visibility into sessions that are upcoming, or that have passed and need updating.

The sessions are sorted chronologically by schedule date. The status is very visible, and in some cases an action button is available to 'Join Session' for one that is underway, or 'Mark Complete' for a session that has already happened. There is a 3-Dot menu next to each session for additional actions.

There are Filters above the session list to help find sessions on the fly. Administrators can filter for sessions that are for themselves, their coachees, or their coaches. Also, sessions can be filtered based on status, like 'Complete' or 'Scheduled'. In all, the Session component on the dashboard has just taken a step to be way more useful for coaches and administrators.

Coach Matching Interviews

The Coach Matching Interviews widget shows upcoming, completed, or cancelled coach matching discovery calls that a coach may have.

Like sessions, there are filters above the list to help find interviews on the fly. Administrators can filter for interviews that are for themselves, their coachees, or their coaches. Also, the coach matching interviews can be filtered based on status, like 'Complete', 'Scheduled', or "Cancelled".


The Assignments widget is great for tracking upcoming assignments, or recent completions. The filters allow for tracking assignments that are assigned to coachees or coaches. The status can be updated directly from the dashboard, and clicking on the assignment links directly into the program item within the engagement.

Marketplace Packages

Last but not least, for coaches or coaching companies who are listed on Marketplace, the Marketplace Packages widget shows recent sales (or purchases). Also account owners who purchase from Marketplace will see their purchases here. This is a great place to track transactions around Marketplace, and clicking on the package will link directly to the package details.

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