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Navigating - Homepage and Global Navigation
Navigating - Homepage and Global Navigation

The navigation at highest level has been improved to place links, pages, and features in a more organized and expected architecture.

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Your Homepage: Enhanced Navigation and User Experience

We are excited to announce the revamped Home page, which introduces improved navigation and a visually refreshed interface. As the landing page for account owners and administrators upon logging in, the Home page now offers convenient one-click access to all the frequently visited sections. This update aims to streamline your browsing experience and provide a more efficient way to navigate through the platform's key features and destinations.

Coaching Company Global Admin View


  • The Home page is only available to certain roles: Global Administrators (client/vendor/enterprise), and to Independent Coaches.

  • The specific cards (links) that show up are dependent on the role. For example, Client Administrators would not have a Clients card, or Marketplace cards.

Global Navigation

The global navigation is found at the top right of the web application and provides access to your profile, settings, customer success, message center and more. The navigation has been redesigned to place links and functionality into areas that are intuitive.

Each navigation icon may contain additional links that are made available by clicking on it. A description of each icon and the additional links are described below.

Here's more information on what each area does for you.

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