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Release Notes April 2023 - Administrative Efficiencies and UX Improvements
Release Notes April 2023 - Administrative Efficiencies and UX Improvements
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There are a lot of improvements happening that are visible (like in these notes), and also many things that are happening behind the scenes. The platform is getting upgraded to include bug fixes, performance improvements, and also features that will make an impact.

In this release:

  • Engagement Filtering

  • Engagement Template - Dynamically Add the Coach as an Editor

  • Goals UX

  • Engagements Page - Preserving Column Preferences

  • PrinciplesYou Package Sales - Additional Context for the Coach

Engagement Filtering

The Engagements page has traditionally offered fairly limited filtering for the list of engagements. To date there has been search + filter based on the engagement status. Starting now, the filtering has expanded to be much more versatile.

New Engagements Filter Dialog

The new Engagements Filter Dialog bring in some new elements to the filtering. A big request has been to be able to filter based on date. Date range has been added, along with more details around the Coachee and the Coach attributes. The engagement status is still available, and all together this provides a more powerful search.

Engagement Template - Dynamically Add the Coach as an Editor

Some coaching organizations prefer to have their Coaches setup as Engagement Editors for each engagement. A problem has been that there was no way to automate this, and sometimes administrators would have to pour through many engagements to enable this setting for their coaches.

There is a new option within the engagement template to 'Set the coach as an Engagement Editor':

When enabled, this new option will assign the selected to coach to be an Engagement Editor when the engagement is Activated. This will work for 1:1 engagements and also for coach matching engagements. This setting does not apply to On-Demand engagements.

This automation should streamline some operations for administrators who work with programs where the coach is also an Engagement Editor.

Goals Usability Improvements

The platform now has some slight improvements to the usability of goals. There were small details in the design that added confusion. The actions associated with Milestones were visually separated. The action to delete a goal looked like a calendar icon.

Overall this improvement is a usability sweep of the goals feature, which will have an impact for the years to come. Below is an example of the new layout for Goals.

Saving Column Preferences for Table Data (Engagements Page, etc)

There has been some inefficiencies of the 'Customize Columns' option associated with table data, in that the preferences selected would not be saved between page views or subsequent visits. This has been resolved, and the preferences set will not be preserved for each user.

The Columns button appears above tables that includes the following pages (Engagements, Vendors, Clients, Invoices, and any of the Standard Reports).

Clicking on this button will open a dialog that allows customizing the columns of the table data below. The example below shows the Customize Columns dialog.

Now when saved the columns will be set on the page, as well as remembered for each subsequent page view, including future sessions.

PrinciplesYou Packages Sales - Additional Context for the Coach

Today clients can buy packages on Principles Marketplace, but there may be a delay between their purchase and activating their account. This has been confusing since the coach will receive a notification of the sale right away, but they do not see the engagement within their account. This is because the engagement is not fully created until the client logs in and activates their account. There is an additional note for the coaches now to inform them of this potential delay. Below is an example notification.

Subject: You just sold a package on Marketplace

Congratulations! You just sold a package on Marketplace.
Package Details:
Package: 1 Session Debrief
Quantity: 1

*Note: The purchased package and engagement(s) will be visible when the client has activated their account.

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