How do I report a bug?
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Contacting Support

Should you run into any issues when using the platform, we have a dedicated chat support team that are on-hand to support you.

You can chat with our team by selecting the question mark icon near the top of your page, and selecting the option for 'Chat Support'. An example of this is below:

From there, you are able to send a message to a member of our team, who will happily assist with your enquiry.

You are also able to send an email to [email protected] if you are unable to access the platform.

Explaining the Problem

There are some helpful steps that you can take to make sure your problem is resolved quickly. You are not expected to have all of this information available in all cases, but any detail from the list below will help us to help you.

  1. Date of issue

When was the issue first spotted? Has it been experienced before?

2. Description of issue (this is the most important part!)

Please describe how you arrived at the issue, to give our team more context. Specifics are very helpful here. For example:

  • Is there something on the page that is missing?

  • Is there a button not behaving like it should?

  • Is there a behavior you are expecting that is not working?

  • Are you receiving an error message? If so, what does it say?

  • Has this issue affected any other users that you are aware of?

  • What steps were taken before the issue occurred?

3. User Role and Email of affected account(s)

Please define the role of the user facing the problem if known (Global Admin, External Coach etc.) If you are the person providing coaching services, or receiving coaching, do let us know that information in your message.

4. URL

If available, please provide a link to the page facing the issue (for example, an Engagement that is affected by the issue)

5. Screenshot

If available, please provide a screenshot of the error/issue you or your users are experiencing. If the issue is particularly complex, a video or recording showing the steps, along with an explanation, would be extremely helpful.

We look forward to being able to assist you!

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