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Release Notes December 13, 2023 - Calendar Updates, Membership, API Updates
Release Notes December 13, 2023 - Calendar Updates, Membership, API Updates
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Meaningful changes continue to take place on, the Coaching Enablement Platform...

This release broadens the tools and resources for all independent coaches on paid subscriptions by combining learning and development opportunities, including the Summit, with no additional costs. Also included are massive upgrades to calendar integrations for coaches, and related calendar features that will benefit coachees, coaches, and administrators. Lastly, the application programming interface (API) for integrating with is expanding, offering even more functionality.

In This Release:

Membership Announcement!

Last week, there was an exciting announcement regarding membership on the platform. For independent coaches, there is a new way to access features and resource, and it is via the new Membership. Instead of individual subscriptions for the software, and then also for the Summit...everything is now under a single membership subscription. Membership includes:

  • Coaching Management Software access and features

  • Access to the Centers of Excellence (Includes the WBECS Summit)

  • Marketplace for publishing your profile and packages

  • Access to exclusive tools

  • Discounts on future programs

  • ...and more

Coaches with an Independent Coach Pro, or Independent Coach Premium subscription are automatically grandfathered into the new membership subscription at no additional cost. Software subscribers can now enjoy access to Coaching Master Sessions that are happening every month by thought leaders in the industry.

For Independent Coaches without a paid subscription, a 14 day trial is now available. Simply go to the subscription page at to start your subscription today.

To find a full list of benefits and features please visit

Calendar Synchronization Improvements

Coaches require succinct calendar integration for scheduling, planning, and maintaining their client relationships and engagements. partnered with Nylas in 2021 to create Nylas v2.0 and It was a huge improvement for many coaches. But it was not successful for everyone and resulted in some scheduling issues.

Problems with the previous integration with Nylas have been squashed with a re-architecture from Nylas that provides better reliability and service. Nylas v3.0 is a game changer that is going to make checking for availability, as well as scheduling a sure thing. Not to mention, there are new features that will only be available with this upgrade.

To connect to Nylas v3.0: cannot automatically upgrade coaches from v2.0 to v3.0. Since calendars need to be authenticated against, coaches will need to take the steps to connect to Nylas v3.0.

  1. Disconnect ALL calendar connections from your calendar settings page (

  2. With no calendars configured select 'Connect Calendar'. This will automatically start connecting calendars on Nylas v3.0.

  3. Any additional connection will also be on Nylas v3.0

  4. Please don't forget to review your Open Office Hours, which is configured below your connections.

Some Notes About Upgrading:

  • When reconnecting a calendar connection, previously scheduled sessions will automatically be detected and synced (eliminating the potential for duplicates to be scheduled in the future).

  • You can test which Nylas version you are on by looking at the bottom of your calendar settings page (see below)

To learn more about connecting a calendar please visit our guide on calendar connections.

Some Notes On Shifting to Nylas 3.0:

To ensure the implementation of Nylas 3.0 on your profile, we highly recommend the following:

  1. Disconnecting your calendar by visiting:

  2. Once there, simply click on the Disconnect button and reconnect your calendar, following the on-screen instructions to finalize the process.

  3. Log out of your account and log back in for the changes to take effect in the system.

    We anticipate that these updates will result in smoother scheduling, booking, and resolution of any calendar-related issues you may have encountered before.

If you have any questions about calendar connections, please reach out to the Customer Success team at [email protected].

Coach 'View Calendar' Feature

After coaches connect with an external calendar, it has not been easy to simply test the connection. Also, it has not been easy for coaches or administrators to check for availability without going into an engagement.....until now.

There is a new 'View Calendar' button in convenient locations within the platform that allow for checking the availability of a coach with a few clicks. For coaches with connected calendars, there is a new View Calendar button on the calendar settings page:

Clicking on the View Calendar button will raise the Availability dialog, but without the full scheduling capabilities.

The dialog has some important changes. First, there is a duration selector at the top of the time slots. This selector allows for looking for slots that are 15, 30, 60, or 90 minutes long. The default is 60 minutes. Also, instead of a 'Next' button to continue to schedule, there is simply a 'Close' button. Clicking the Close button will simply close the dialog box.

For Administrators there are two additional placements of the View Calendar button. From the Coaches Page, there is a new option next to each coach with a connected calendar to view their availability.

Also, each coach profile for calendar connected coaches will contain the View Calendar link:

Combined, offering this functionality in different places is going to make checking availability much easier.

30 Day Visibility while Scheduling

One limitation with scheduling a session in the availability dialog has been visibility for the full calendar month to know which days are open. Previously, one would have to click into each day to see if time slots were open. Now, for coaches with Nylas v3.0 connections (Mentioned above in Release Notes), the availability dialog has been improved to show availability for the entire month.

Days without availability will be grayed out and inactive. Only days with availability will be active and clickable. This is a big improvement in efficiency when scheduling.

Bulk Add Sessions and Copy Sessions

Until now adding multiple or copying session was a one-by-one operation. To add 6 sessions to an engagement template, or to an engagement, required the additions of the sessions one at a time. Now within the engagement template and engagements there are bulk operations for adding or copying sessions.

Bulk Add Sessions

Sessions are added to an engagement template or engagement using the "Add Item" menu and selecting "Session".

A new dialog is presented that allows for the administrator or coach to specify:

  • The number of sessions to add

  • The duration of the sessions

  • A name for the session

  • A description for the session

For engagements, the location will be set to the default location of the coach. For engagement templates the location will be set to the default location for the template. Sessions will be added to the bottom of the engagement list. They can moved as needed using drag and drop.

Bulk Copy Sessions

Sessions can now also be copied in bulk. From the 3-Dot menu on a session there is a "Make a copy" menu option.

Now, when selecting the "Make a copy" menu option, a new dialog will appear that allows for specifying the number of sessions to create.

For engagements, the location will be set to the default location of the coach. For engagement templates the location will be set to the default location for the template. Sessions will be added to the bottom of the engagement list. They can moved as needed using drag and drop.

Coach Capacity Filter

For larger organizations that are managing clients and engagements the Coach Capacity feature on the platform can provide effective insights for distributing engagements with coaches. Until now, this information was only available in reports. Starting now there are new filter options on the filter dialog on the Coach page.

A coach's capacity can be set in 2 different ways. First, an organization can set a default for all coaches in the organization within the Company Settings. Second, a coach can override this value within their Personal Settings.

There is a new "Coach Capacity" section of the filter dialog, shown below. This filter allows for you to select:

  • "Has capacity for new engagements" - Will filter for any coaches who have not met their capacity.

  • "Does not have capacity available" - Will filter for coaches who are at, or exceed, their capacity limit.

Coach Discovery Call Cancellation Notification (When a Different Coach is Selected)

Until now, if coaches had a scheduled Discovery Call, they would not be notified if the coachee or an administrator selected a different coach during a Coach Matching engagement. The scheduled event would simply cancel without notification, and if the coach had a connected calendar the event would be removed. This could cause confusion, and also created issues with scheduling.

Now, a coach will receive a session cancelled notification when they have a scheduled discovery call, and when a coachee or administrator selects a different coach for coach matching. An email will be sent, as well as an in-app notification. An example email is shown below.

API Expansion

The application programming interface (API) is available for Enterprise customers. This allows for advanced integration in terms of functionality and reporting. This release offers an expansion of methods supported by the API, and introduced the first webhook on the platform. The following methods are in Beta.

Additional API Methods:

API methods are available to be called from external systems.






Retrieves a list of engagement templates within the account.



Retrieves a list of coach pools from within the account.



Retrieves a list of program items for a given engagement



Allows for updating an existing task program item.


Webhooks are initiated from the platform and communicate with external endpoints defined by customers.




Triggered when a coach is selected in a coach matching process

The API and Webhook documentation can be found within the API documentation.

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