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Introducing the groundbreaking release of's Video Platform! We're thrilled to announce that our video conferencing platform has reached new heights, bringing an unparalleled level of functionality specifically designed for coaching. Coaches and clients alike will be astounded by the seamless integration of's robust coaching tools directly within the video calls, all accessible from a single screen. Say goodbye to toggling between different applications or losing track of essential engagement details. With's Video Platform, efficiency and instant visibility are at your fingertips, revolutionizing the way coaching is conducted online. Get ready to unlock a whole new world of coaching possibilities.

Track notes, action items, goals, tasks, and other engagement or session attributes now with a few clicks and directly within the video session experience. Now managing session schedules and status is more convenient than ever and can be done directly within a session video call.

The New Video Experience

The video experience has some new elements that are explained below. The new features are additive and complementary to the experience. The 'Engagement Items' panel shown above is closed by default, and is there if you need it. The same is true for the new Chat panel.

The Lobby

When anyone joins a video session (Coach, Coachee, or Session Attendee), they will first enter the Lobby. This area allows for the microphone and video to be configured before joining the call. The page will be branded based on the subscription level of the coach or organization.

The video is disabled by default, and the microphone is enabled by default. Both can be toggled before joining the call. The settings option (Gear icon) opens a panel that allows for adjustments to the following:

  • The video input

  • The audio input

  • Virtual backgrounds

The Settings Panel is shown below:

Virtual backgrounds are also available, and allow for the physical background of the attendee to be masked with special effects. Virtual backgrounds include degrees of blur along with various screen scapes shown below:

The Default View for Video Calls (With/Without Video Turned On) video will, by default, display the participants that have joined the call. The following image shows what the experience is like after joining a call, but still waiting for others to arrive.

There are some new controls that will appear once the coach or coachee joins the call. Additional session attendees, like invited managers to the call, will not see the Engagement Items menu option.

  • Screen Share: Allows for sharing a desktop view or screen with the other attendees

  • Exit / End Call: Pressing this option will end the call for the attendee

  • Settings: Opens the Settings Panel describe above in the Lobby Section of this document.

  • Chat: Chat is new and is described later in this document.

  • Engagement Items: Engagement Items is a new panel and is described later in this document.

The following shows the experience of multiple people on the call with their video enabled.

Chat Messaging in the Video Session

Chat has always been a part of the platform, but not within the video calls, until now. Not only is chat introduced to the vide experience, but the functionality has also expanded.

The new Chat Panel within video allows for real-time chat conversations between participants. Emojis have been introduced as well to add extra communication flare (Seen below):

Also, chat on now include the ability to edit and delete chat messages, as well as add reactions (emojis)

These same great chat features are also now available in Message Center.

Engagement Items for In-Video Access

The Engagement Items Panel is squarely where a lot of the new innovation lives for this release. The Engagement Items Panel provides instant access to Notes, Scheduling, Action Items, Goals, and Program Items from the Engagement Roadmap. This panel brings all of the coaching tools into a convenient compartment that sits along the video's edge. Engagement Items within the call can bring a higher level of productivity to the session by being able to record information, make updates, and also review goals, task, form submissions and more.


Notes provide the same functionality as offered in the desktop view. When in a video call, the functionality of Notes is shown below. Notes can be added and edited. Any note taken in the video call will also be available in the desktop view, and vice versa.

Note List View

Edit Note View


The Scheduling Pane presents the session that is currently under way, along with the next available session for scheduling. The current session can be Completed, or Rescheduled if necessary. Meanwhile the next available session can be scheduled, setting up for the next meeting.


Goals are incorporated into the video experience, and provide instant access and visibility into the client's objectives for the engagement. Not all of the features from the desktop experience are included, just the essentials to track and maintain goals and milestones.

Goals List View

Edit Goal View

Add/Edit Milestone

Action Items

Action Items are similar to Notes in that they are a quick place to record information. In the case of Action Items, a due date can be set and they can be checked off when complete. Any action items that are created on the desktop experience will be displayed in the Action Items Pane in the video, and the same is true conversely.

Action Items List View

Edit Action Items View

Engagement Items

The same Program Items that can be found within the Engagement Roadmap by the session participants will also be available within the video experience. This includes Forms, Files, Tasks, and Links. Some features have been removed to make the interactions quick and efficient.

Forms View




Forms and form responses can be viewed within the video.

Tasks can be reviewed, and marked as complete.

Documents can be downloaded directly from the video call.

Links can be viewed and marked complete.

Enabling the Video

In order to take advantage of the new video experience, each session should have the location set as video. Below is a screenshot showing where the location can be edited within the Session:

Coaches can also set their default location to the video in their calendar settings. This default location will then be used for future sessions.

Browser Compatibility & Troubleshooting Audio Issues Video works best while using Google Chrome or Safari browsers. Other browsers may result in sound quality issues. Sound issues may include an echo, or a lag in the audio. If there is not the option to use Chrome or Safari, below are some troubleshooting tips based on the type of issue.

Echo or Feedback

You may be experience an echo, or another participant on the call may be experience an echo. Echo is caused by the audio that is coming out of one's speaker is also being picked up by the microphone on the same device, creating a feedback loop. If this is happening on one of the call's participants device, it is likely the other person that will hear the echo. This is resolved with the use of noise cancelling algorithms in the video call, however some browsers do not fully support noise cancellation. Firefox is an example of a browser that does not fully support noise cancellation with this video technology.

To overcome echo issues, please try wearing a set of earphones for the video call. If person A is hearing an echo, this can often be resolved by person B wearing a set of headphones, as it is likely person B's computer that is creating the feedback loop.

Audio Lag

A lag in the audio may become apparent on certain browsers, for example Microsoft Edge. The delay is caused by additional processing that is slowing down the delivery of the audio. This may be caused by switching microphone devices mid-call, or could also be caused if the computer being used is running many applications simultaneously.

To resolve audio lag issues, ensure that the computer is not running an excessive amount of applications. If the lag started due to switching headsets or microphone, refresh the web page to start a new connection. Alternatively go into the video settings, and reset the microphone input by selecting the proper input. You may also choose another input, and then change back to the original to ensure that the connection is set properly.

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