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What are Coaching Mastery Sessions (Implementation Mastery (IM) Sessions)?
What are Coaching Mastery Sessions (Implementation Mastery (IM) Sessions)?
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The Coaching Mastery Sessions stand as a secure space for you to engage with the vibrant WBECS Global Coach Community, fostering discussions and exchanges on Summit session content among peers worldwide.

Step into smaller group settings alongside your peers and colleagues to deeply explore the practical application of learning materials, swiftly integrating wisdom into your coaching practice. These sessions, previously known as Implementation Mastery sessions, now occur following thought leader talks, ensuring an intimate discussion within groups of 10-18 participants, offering everyone an opportunity to contribute meaningfully.

๐Ÿ’ก The Coaching Mastery Sessions are available both in the Pre and Full Summit phases.

Additionally, this year, we proudly present content in nine global languages to cater to a diverse audience:

  1. English

  2. Arabic

  3. German

  4. Dutch

  5. Hindi

  6. Italian

  7. Portuguese

  8. Spanish

  9. Ukrainian

Experience the depth of knowledge and discussions in your preferred language as we expand our global reach and inclusivity!

You can register for these here:

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