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Release Notes February 2023 - Extending Integration Opportunities, Capacity Reporting, and Communication Improvements
Release Notes February 2023 - Extending Integration Opportunities, Capacity Reporting, and Communication Improvements
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Updated over a week ago is extending the capabilities of the platform. This product release comes with a focus on simplifying and bolstering communication touch points between clients and coaches. It also introduces new integration opportunities. This release includes:

  • A New Public API

  • Branding Colors for Email Communications

  • Coach Capacity Details on the Coach Report

  • Improvements for Principles Certified Coaches

  • New Chat Support & Help Center

  • Scalability Improvements for Resources

A Public API is Now Available has always been driven via Application Programming Interfaces (API's). This is meaningful in terms of the technical architecture of the platform. However customers, with advanced integration needs, have not been able to take advantage of this, as it has been for internal use only. Some customers have the need to integrate with other systems. It might be for the purposes of pushing data into, or synchronizing with another system, or it could be for the purpose of extracting information out for reporting purposes. Whatever the use case, now supports integrating via API and working with some of the core data models within the platform.

A new API Gateway has been integrated which provides the access to the API's. The API today supports methods for creating, updating, and reading the following entities from the application:

  • Coaches

  • Coachees

  • Engagements

  • Sessions

  • Goals

  • Themes

For the engineers or developers, the API Documentation is available. The API is only available for Premium or Enterprise accounts. Getting started requires through our customer success team to enable your account. This would then provide you with API credentials that can be used. For questions please reach out to [email protected].

Branding Colors for Email Communications

Emails delivered from the platform now have a much better appeal in terms of look and feel. The background of the email now has a colored wave that is driven by the primary and secondary colors of the account. For Pro, Premium, and Enterprise accounts, the branding colors can be customized. Those colors will now appear within the email templates by default, and without any additional configuration within the account.

Some examples of different branding colors within the email can be seen below.

Coach Capacity Details on the Coach Report

For larger organizations, understanding coach capacity and making decisions around this can be challenging without all of the information available. Now a part of standard Coach Report, there is a new column for "Available Capacity". Available Capacity is a calculation that will determine how much availability the coach has and is defined as follows:

Available Capacity = Coach Engagement Capacity - # of Active Engagements

Coaches can set their Engagement Capacity in their personal settings. And this new calculation for Available Capacity will be presented in the Coach Report, right next to the Active Engagements column.

Improvements for Principles Certified Coaches

Coaches who are certified in the PrinciplesYou self assessment, are a part of Principles Marketplace, and have unique engagements with PrinciplesYou assessment takers. There are two new program items that are a part of the Debrief and Extension packages. These new program items are aimed to provide both the coachee and the coach next steps and include:

  • Post Engagement Follow Up - Task for the Coachee

  • Email Extension Package Offer - Task for the Coach

Post Engagement Follow Up

This coachee task is visible by the coach and informs the coachee on how they can proceed with purchasing additional packages from the coach. There is a link that takes the coachee directly to the coach's Principles Marketplace page where they can see the extension packages. The coachee will be assigned this task when the last session is completed.

Post Extension Package Offer

This task for the coach is an informative guide with tips how how to communicate with the coachee, and how to present additional offers, including the link to the coach's Principles Marketplace page. This page is where the coachee can easily purchase extended packages for continuing the coaching sessions with the coach.

New Chat Support and Help Center

We have re-adopted Intercom as one of our key Customer Success platforms to provide better service to members of the platform. We just rolled out the initial launch, and this includes a new chat interface for support, but also integration with a newly revised knowledge base, or help center.

Chat Messenger

The messenger is available from Help -> Chat Support in the top of the application. Once clicked it will open an interface similar to the following:

From here you can start communicating with the support team to answer questions, or help resolve issues.

Help Articles & Knowledge Base

The Help Center articles have all been ported and upgraded as well. The articles are available at, or through the Messenger shown above. We will continue to introduce additional guides and help articles in the help center.

Release Notes

There is new category of articles are here to stay (including this one) and they are Release Notes. Release Notes will be published with every major release. It is an excellent way to stay informed of all of the positive changes happening on the platform.

Resource Scalability Improvements

Resources are used everywhere throughout the platform. Some customers were seeing delayed load times when loading the Resources page, or in some cases time outs for the data. A large step in performance improvement has been completed and creates the foundation for scale. The Resources page now has pagination applied, which limits the data. The search and filters have been improved to help find specific items. These same improvements apply to the Resources tab within Engagements.

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