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Release Notes September 2022 - Take Your Coaching Company to the Next Level with Vendor Marketplace on
Release Notes September 2022 - Take Your Coaching Company to the Next Level with Vendor Marketplace on
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Vendor Marketplace

Marketplace is where coaches and coaching companies showcase their services to prospective clients. Marketplace has already been in place for independent coaches and their practice. Today we are proud to launch Vendor Marketplace, which allows for coaching companies to create their own unique pages and offers in the Marketplace.

Coaching companies can now publish their company profiles that showcase their brand and expertise. They can claim their own unique URL on the platform. Marketplace comes with a rich set of tools for creating unique coaching packages. These packages can be sold directly to clients on the platform. Relationships with clients can form instantly online, as messaging, purchasing, and onboarding workflows are all at the fingertips of the client and the coach.

Vendor Marketplace opens the door for new business opportunities on the platform. Vendor profiles and packages can be found in organic search. Clients on the platform will be able to search and filter companies to find a match for their coaching needs. Vendor Marketplace represents the beginning of additional capabilities for coaching companies as will be enhancing the tools and services into the future.

How Coaching Companies Find Marketplace within the Platform

Administrators for coaching companies will have new navigation that provides access to Marketplace Settings, and the Marketplace Profile (seen below).

From the home page, new navigation options are available:

  • Marketplace Profile: Coaching companies can fill out a robust profile for their company, with general information, video, coaching specialties, and more. The profile represents the company overview, and can be visible to your existing clients within the platform, and on marketplace for new clients.

  • Marketplace Settings: This is where the admin can configure their settings as it relates to their custom URL on Marketplace, publishing a profile, connecting payment options, and creating packages.

Both of these new areas are described below.

Marketplace Profile

Administrators and coaches may already be familiar with Coach Profiles on the platform. With Vendor Marketplace, there are now profiles for coaching companies, called Marketplace Profiles. A Marketplace profile offers a lot of details that can optionally be presented on clients. Administrators have the flexibility to add content that will make the company stand out.

Below is a profile for a fictional company, Concept Coaching.

Marketplace Settings

Marketplace Settings are where the administrator has full control over the company's presence on Marketplace. Marketplace Settings has a short video tutorial to help guide the administrator through the setup.

Getting Started

A 4 minute introduction video provides guidance on the steps in setting up and publishing a Marketplace Profile.

Claiming a URL

Administrators can claim a URL on that will be theirs forever. Choose a URL that is simple to remember, and aligns with the coaching company.

Vendor Profile

This section provides the bare minimum information that is necessary for a profile. The "Go To Profile" button below, allows for the administrator to configure all of the possible information for a richer page.

Packages & Stripe

Packages are the coaching packages that the administrator makes available on Marketplace. Clients can purchase individual packages or in bulk. There are many ways to setup the packages, described later in the release notes.

Stripe is the payment system for the platform. A coaching company can setup their own stripe account. Then anytime a client purchases a package, or a subscription renews, deposits will be made directly to the coaching company's stripe account.

The Package Builder

The Package Builder is a short wizard that allows for administrators to create or edit coaching packages on Marketplace. Packages can be created and activated, deactivated or deleted at any time. There is flexibility to create packages on-demand or as business needs change. There steps of the Package Builder are illustrated below.

Step 1 - Package Type

Admins can choose between a Subscription package, or a Set Package. Subscriptions can be setup for weekly or monthly recurrence. Set Packages will be setup as 100% payment up front.

Step 2a - Payment Settings for Subscriptions

Subscriptions can be setup for weekly or monthly recurrence. On this screen is where the admin will choose the price for the given interval.

Step 2b - Payment Settings for Set Packages

This wizard step is shown if the admin selects 'Set Package' on step 1. The price for the package can be set here.

**This step has one feature that expands the potential greatly for different package billing configurations. The checkbox shown allows for the use of existing Billing Approach Templates. Billing Approach Templates allow for the administrator to setup billing methods such as:

  • Retainers (weekly or monthly)

  • Subscriptions (weekly or monthly)

  • Fixed Amount (100% up front, 50% up front & 50% middle, 50% up front & 50% end, 50% middle & 50% end, 50% end)

  • Per Session (billed weekly, monthly, or per session)

  • Per Hour (billed weekly, monthly, or per hour)

...There are many ways to setup billing & payments.

Step 3 - Engagement Template

The engagements between a coach and coachee follow a structure that is partly defied by the number of sessions and duration of those sessions.

This step of the Package Builder sets the number of sessions and the duration for each session to create an Engagement Template on the fly. Or select from a pre-existing Engagement template to provide the structure for the engagements sold in the package.

Step 4 - Package Name and Description

This is where the administrator for a coaching company can make the packages shine. There is an editor to provide rich details to package descriptions. The name and description should provide a lot of detail so that the client understands what they are purchasing.

Step 5 - Coach Selection Type

Administrators can choose if the clients will go into a Coach Matching process, or if the coaches will be manually selected by the coaching company administrator. If Coach Matching is selected, coach pools can be selected to fuel the matching process.

Packages on Marketplace

Packages that are activated will be available from the coaching company's profile. Each package will have its own URL that will be discoverable through search.

All of the details that were setup in the Package Builder will be visible to clients, including the name, description, & billing/payment methods.

Clients will have the option of purchasing 1 or more packages at a time.

After Selling a Package on Marketplace....and Introducing My Marketplace

Clients will be able to purchase directly Marketplace. Upon purchase they will already be setup with an account on The onboarding steps from there are quite simple:

  • The client will invite coachees, and assign them to packages.

  • For the coaching company,

    • if the package was Coach Matching, there is little to do besides wait for the client.

    • If the package is Manual Coach selection the coach can start selecting the coaches for the packages.

The coaching company administrator will be aware of all sales through notifications, and also through My Marketplace. My Marketplace is the home of all Marketplace sales and transactions. All package purchases will be represented, and allow for the administrator to manage the coach assignment and communications with the client.

My Marketplace

Completed sales from Marketplace will be visible and available from within My Marketplace.

Here the administrator can see the number of packages sold, along with the assignment status. For each package sold, a coachee and coach will need to be assigned before the engagement is activated.

Package Details

Clicking on one of the packages in My Marketplace will lead to the Package Details. The Package Details shows the detailed information about the package including the price, package assignment status, and invoicing.


Vendor Marketplace offers a very rich set of tools for promoting coaching services on the platform. There is a lot of flexibility in the information displayed, the package types, and the billing methods. It offers the ability to be seen in new ways, take payments online, and onboard clients easily....directly into active engagements.

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