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Release Notes October 2022 - Empowering Clients with the New Client and Engagement Experience on
Release Notes October 2022 - Empowering Clients with the New Client and Engagement Experience on
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We have heard many suggestions on how to improve the user experience, increase the functionality, and to provide more control and insights to clients, coaches, and administrators. We have been listening, and are very proud to present major improvements that will benefit all users of the platform.

โ€‹Note: This release will take effect on the first week of November, 2022.

New Client Experience

This release provides major enhancements to client experience by removing obstacles and creating an experience that is both simple and intuitive. We are introducing the client home page, which has a design that clients will feel at ease with. The home page is designed to lead the client to their next steps (coach matching, scheduling, tasks, assessments, etc) in their workflows.

New Coaching Engagement Experience

The new design is present throughout the full engagement, where clients, coaches, and administrators will all benefit. Improvements have been made to the header, the welcome message, and to the pages themselves.

New Administrator Experience

For the administrators there are some special and significant enhancements to the Coach page, and the Coach Pools page. These pages are now an order of magnitude more functional, with a rich set of metrics and analytics, as well as administrative controls. So much more information is now at the fingertips of administrators, by bringing the data together and presenting where it matters.

Client Home Page

When a client logs into, they will now land on a new home page if they have more than one engagement. If they have a single engagement, they will still go directly to the Engagement Overview.

The home page offers a view of the items that they interact with in the platform in a simple and easy to follow format. Sections of the page follow information architecture hierarchy, with the most important or highly used section at the top. The sections include engagements, upcoming sessions, and assignments. If the client has more than one engagement they will be shown within the engagements section.

Upcoming sessions and assignments will be pulled from all active engagements. This allows for the client to have everything in one place for quick access and action.

Actions that were previously harder to find with the old design, are now readily available within each section. Primary actions appear as a button, while secondary actions appear as text links.

Engagement Experience

All of the pages within the engagement have been enhanced for better usability, and to drive ease of use.

Engagement Overview

Once within a specific engagement, the engagement overview follows a similar design as the client home page. Here, all of the specifics of the single engagement are presented.

Additions include a redesigned header, featuring the coach and client details. Also, a redesigned Welcome Message allows for a collapsed or expanded view. The length of the Welcome Message has also been expanded, to allow for more informative content.

Goals will appear on the Engagement Overview as well.

Coach & Administrator Navigation

The navigation has been redesigned to be more prominent. It is centered on screen, and is more convenient for quick access. Administrators and coaches will see the same content on the engagement overview, however the actions within the sections are customized for the role.

Goals Redesign

Goals have been redesigned to take more advantage of the space. The goals can be collapsed and expanded to add more details, and to see the content.

Primary and secondary actions appear as buttons and links, as in the home page and overview.

Coach Matching

Coach Matching has received a big upgrade. Clients and administrators will now have a Coaches tab which allows access to the coaches. The Client and the Administrators have different views due to their workflows. The Interviews tab has also received a makeover, and has moved from a tiled design to a vertical layout.

Admin View of Coach Matching

The Admin View of Coach Matching has all of its previous controls with an elevated design to match. The same is true with the interviews tab.

Engagement Settings

The Engagement Settings has been redesigned with a vertical layout.

The vertical layout provides a more intuitive view of the engagement. Additional context help has been added to provide more information on the controls.

The Welcome Message has also been expanded to allow for much more content.

Coaches page and Coach Pools Upgrades

The Coaches page and the Coach Pools page have undergone a major facelift. These two pages are widely used by administrators and now provide greater functionality and data for decision making.

Coaches Page - Collapsed View

The Coaches page has moved from being a simple list, to a rich resource full of additional content. On the right is the collapsed view for each of the coaches. In this view administrators can get an overview of the coach.

Each coach card contains the following coach information:

  • Ratings summary

  • Number of active engagements (including their capacity)

  • Coach pool activity

Coaches Page - Expanded View

Each coach on the Coaches page has an expanded view, and this is where the data really starts to come alive. Along with the data available in the collapsed view, there are now additional data sets and graphs to provide even more information.

Additional information includes:

  • Session summary for the month ahead

  • Detailed reviews

  • Engagement history

  • Pools that the coach is a part of

Additionally, there are now a new range of menu options for viewing the coach profile, starting an engagement directly with the coach, adding to a specific coach pool, setting their engagement capacity, or sending a message.

In all, this is a significant change to the page that will enhance workflows and bring more efficiency to administrators.

Coach Pools Upgrade

The Coach Pools functionality is expanding to provide more visibility and more control. First, there is more information on the page, allowing for more insights directly from this page. This additional information includes the coach count within the pools, avatars from the coaches, and an aggregate rating of the coaches within the pool.

Additionally, there are new controls from the pool that allow for creating an engagement, viewing the matched engagements, and sending a message to all of the coaches within the pool.

Coach Pool Editor

Building and managing Coach Pools has gotten a whole lot easier. The Coach Pool Editor comes packed with all of the power of the Coaches list, with metrics, graphs, and data on the coaches.

Administrators can view the workload and activity of their coaches to make calls on pool resources all from within this page.

All of the same tools are here from the Coach Pool page and include creating an engagement, viewing the matched engagements, and sending a message to all of the coaches within the pool.

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