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Release Notes December 2022 - Application Features Uplevel
Release Notes December 2022 - Application Features Uplevel
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The platform is gaining several positive enhancements in this release. Various features in the platform are getting enhanced. This ranges from Bulk Imports, to areas of Marketplace, and also improvements in Reports.

Bulk Import for Coach Matching Engagements

Bulk import continues to expand in scalability and features. Coach matching engagements can now be created via bulk import. Previously coach matching engagements needed to be created one-by-one. This brings efficiency to administrators who are launching many engagements at once. The bulk import template now allows for two new fields:

  • coach_pool - Name of the coach pool

  • coach_matching_settings - Name of the Coach Matching settings

When these fields are passed, they will override details from the coach column.

Principles Coach Terms Addendum

For Coaches that are getting listed on the Principles Marketplace, a new set of terms is now made available from within the software. On the package details page, certified Principles Coaches will see the terms when they are activating their packages.

Marketplace Profile Ranking

Now on Marketplace, more attention is given to coaches who put extra effort into their profiles. The coach profile is what allows them to stand out, and we want to honor those who give it their best. Different characteristics of the profile wiil be used to adjust the rank to bubble the top of the class to the top of the page.

The benefit is truly for clients, as they will be presented with more qualified coaches as they are browsing for new engagement opportunities. Marketplace will continue to evolve and this is a great step at enabling quality.

Reports: Coachee Account Filter Now Available on the Coach Report

The Coachee Account filter is now available on the Coach Report. For clients that span coaches, are a part of the upcoming On-Demand coaching, or simply need to find coaches with more ease, this new filter is available.

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