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What are Implementation Mastery (IM) Sessions?
What are Implementation Mastery (IM) Sessions?
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Implementation Mastery sessions

The Implementation Mastery sessions are designed to provide a safe place for you to connect with the WBECS Global Coach Community to share and discuss Summit session content with peers from around the world.

Join your peers and colleagues in smaller group settings to dive deep into the practical implementation of the learning materials and apply the wisdom to your coaching practice right away. IM sessions are held following the thought leader talks and are based on a discussion around what the thought leader spoke about in a very small group 10-18 max so everyone has a chance to contribute.

💡 IM sessions are in the Pre and Full Summit.

We are also featuring 9 Global languages this year.

These are available in 9 Global languages:

  1. English

  2. Arabic

  3. German

  4. Dutch

  5. Hindi

  6. Italian

  7. Portuguese

  8. Spanish

  9. Ukrainian

You can register for these here:

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