Global admins can set a capacity limit of active engagements for (internal) employee coaches. Coaches can also set their own limit of active engagements.

To set a capacity limit of engagements at the global level, this setting is reserved for admins and can be set in the Company Settings page. The engagement capacity limit set for coaches is a soft limit, meaning admins could still activate an engagement for a given coach who has reached their limit.

Set a Capacity for All Internal Coaches

To set a capacity limit of engagements for all internal(employee) coaches, please start off by going to your Company Settings page, then click on the General tab.

Under the Coach Settings module, you will have the option to set a number of maximum engagements allowed for all coaches.

Set a Capacity Limit for Individual Coaches

To set an engagement capacity limit for individual coaches, please go the Coaches page from the left side navigation bar. On the desired coach, click on the 3 dots to set a limit. Please note that the coach must be internal (employee) of your organization for this option to be available.

You may also navigate to your coach's profile and begin setting an engagement number limit.

The setting provides the admin is a visual indicator in the ‘create engagement workflow- coach selection’ which coaches have reached their engagement limit. This is turn gives admins better visibility of their coaches active engagement activity.

The admin will receive a warning dialog when activating an engagement with a coach who has reached their engagement limit.

Please note: Although admins can set global and individual limits, coaches have the ability to change their own limit within their personal settings:

Set Engagement Capacity Limit for Coaches

Coaches are able to set a limit to the number of engagements they want active at a time. To begin setting up a capacity limit, please go to your My Settings page by clicking on your icon on the top right.

Within the General tab, you will have the option to change the Default Engagement Coach Capacity.

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